Brain Strain

Wednesday, March 8th


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WLX three straight to 811949. Probably use one already this week chances are you'll use five. By the time the week's over what do you think. Proof bunker or down vote. Toothpick or dental picks for for the interest that not the answer we were looking for little but we sure appreciate it great guests know and appreciate your call by yeah. Kyoto WL I sprain strain get through to us into a 11949. You probably use one of these already this week. Probably use five by the time the weeks off what he thinks it underwater and trying to get everything you're brushing he can move on to greet guests. What is your name and eighteen he thinks your caller says that's not in you know we're glad I'm part of the show they're going to keep you try any huge W alleged braves 32811949. UW's won already this week you're gonna probably used five. When the week's over 46. Well and I'm denied getting that guy yeah well since I'm alone and take a lot ask what are you doing good. Are you alright. Yeah. Yeah all I can my dog everything and out of take yourself one way ticket that had an elderly ya thought well. It does Eric line he he yeah. He hit another good answers Jason Collins now Jim Iran's top three but I. I bet that W Alexi. In string here 211949. You probably use one already this week probably didn't use five before the week's all done we think are or where there. I cooked up we will hold up. Mom used to say always Wear clean underwear. Elections here in an accident or issue like the gym and yeah it's derided Jones dropped. Everybody can not everybody was rushing to answer it here's the thick disks. W always great strain to wait one more money poured on you probably use one already this week probably good news five in the weeks over forty think form bar. Say yes. Alarm clock alarm all hooked up up up up up up Siri like you thought true that I. Well I think I knew I hit my alarm clock we need like a marching band to wake us on how to not at all not at grade gas but yet not you know. Not at W alleged brains stringing you probably use one already this week you're probably used five by the time the week is over what do you think I remember him. Public bathroom. Idaho hall I think kisses are always so good. I never not that that's probably what these are these are great response yeah. Half nodded but you have a good day anyway. He'd try again dragon when the next will. Your funny but good data anyway even though you lost still have a stick easy sounds telling you all are cyclical Clinton won 9490 volumes one already this week you're gonna use five most likely when the week's over. What's your research check out shopping day let's bring any late early thank. Another good answer your W now. Not at all sorry are you can you say he rule being pulled off. W all election probably use one already gonna use fly by the time the weeks up when we when we talk about spirit bring me at all sure. Oh there he is okay they're here is there. Moos not only can't we kind of knew. Can't see you all why did as much as you probably hate the answer it was rice. I know. How do you do you agree Jeff sees it that's exempt I have signed passwords Terry and I were figuring this I have five of whom are at every melodies seem to matter Bernard does not come. Should have you found a good way to remember or visit to sort of random Aaron yeah oh. Yeah. They're pretty good agreement that there are going to be great OK okay. I got shot. At this Jeff each change it on the I guess is supposed to be good for again up for security of course we. Are you know. The campaign is they can't be.