Brain Strain

Tuesday, March 7th


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Time for the Nevada morning with Terry Barr bringing stream questioned. Alaska has people with more of this than any place else in the country while Iowa has people. With the least. Know that answering your opted C showed Jackson in concert June 21 has rights debit out. With Joseph Jackson and W all Alexa too late 11 not before nine for your answer W on our screens. And to anyone won on before nine people in Alaska had more of this and anybody else while people in Iowa have the least what you need. Never. The quick deficit. Daylight come and I. And that Phillies won the right. After that would be a good read and then there's another had a little lot of fun and Clint Hurdle and I think I. So we'll call him. A dual series many do they want want to Florida I people it'll ask you have the more the see anybody else that people in Iowa have. Police did not blubber. About what you think that our spam spam pop panel. Speaking Wahlberg I'm at I thought that does not I don't think should try it grants or answer quicker. That's what I held WR Wes Raines strained to anyone wanna before nine for your answer people in Alaska and more this and anybody else people in Iowa have the least Switzerland. I try to. Sliced ultra it's dark so much I. Could boot. Her brain training answer that's a really Smart in his hasn't in the series where one well and you got it it. I'm really. Sorry okay. But it tags they don't. If you haven't it Dana yeah I don't. I hate dumb people is pretty strange to anyone wanna before nine people in Alaska. And the most some world is that anybody else think people in Iowa have the least through leaks on another group another good answer not in good good good good dancer moved very intelligent attempt to do is you WL let's greens drained 2811949. For your answer this morning and. Joseph Jackson concert tickets. People Alaska I have more of those than anybody else people in Iowa have the least of which your answer the phone credit card debt and credit card debt is yet what's your name. Car got no doubt get a car is scandal.