Brain Strain

Thursday, March 2nd


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Classic hits 94 point nine W or flex time for radios favorite pop quiz the brains strange question this morning it's good for a family four pack of tickets for the medicine capitals Star Wars themed game on March 5 there are golf 51. Dollars and of these across the US and 10% of us use one on your answer to lay Juan. 194 not into W Rolex for the brain strain WRX. 51 dollars and these Dahlan the US in 10% of us use a wonderful what is it. Yeah that a drone. A drink itself. Cool. Those six creek near a little video all of cons I think. Little League is they're delivering pizzas this stuff up now a grown man you know I don't I won't. I hear people are used in the spine of the people are still say that's sort of joke is taking us a little streak doesn't yeah. Three cancer and. Not the one we needed to fix for you two aren't WL it's great streak to 81198 or 951000. Of these dollar in America and 10% of new. What do you think. After car faster learner I love people are going with new technology. Along with the futures to. Reid answered not the one we're looking for which you're really cool for most of us. Yeah. All putting up with yeah. He uses his ticket that we can WL it's very strange to anyone wanna before 950 want to do 1000. He's now an American 10% of a sexy it was one of and again obtain phone peaceful poll out that answer you were just a bit about modern textile. You'll now get a cattle herds he threw it back a little bit. And it left and then that's all right Steve your your retro kind of guy. I'm really confident they buddy not in the we still love you man yeah here they are gearing up and WLX 33 to anyone on any point 951000. In America Ted Purcell was. Obama Villanova was ordered. Divorce and he knows everything. They did you know the race is always let's talk about. WLX brings her into it 1194951. Dollars and it's the American around 10% masseuse. Okay. What are appropriate. Pool. Well see that's the modern time you win. And some interest in response to our question not at all WL like spring street 21194951000. Who nodded yeah. 10% of those odd you lose one piece what what could that be cute and maturity there it is I. I arm or there you go now there's this morning's stories straight answer. They didn't clue totally given away in Qaeda are hurt or help at all night debt and it actually in Africa. Guys take the good guy of course in the gym ask stunned me if we have one do you have one and I do not own you are Smart guy. You like to have a voluntary no. I should. And nothing against that company we rent from its just deed mean Jeff too much cramped but it. Yeah I should get more than they would have little new that I wouldn't have a box closet and put. What I rent part of mine two years I yell at everybody necessarily a good idea here. Don't know what's your name jade room. Jason you're sharp guy I think your habits and it was I don't know what's your lasting Buddha.