Brain Strain

Wednesday, March 1st


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Classic it's not a four point nine W Olin lacks good morning Jim -- on the morning train straight question this morning Paula bought pizza leading pizza makers of the world is a cool job we should just have not learned that Maroney is the most popular pizza topping what is the least favorite pizza topic call me with your answer to weigh 1194 and I'm sorry can't hook you up with a pizza played a pizza would last will make it easier but another family for a packet tickets for the Star Wars theme the medicine capitals night on March 5 yours -- your correct brains straight answer what your likes brains sure. Any good answer to a 119. Before nine million dollars weren't you are you pizza person you know he narrowly all its effort. All right Steve the most popular pizza topping in the world his pepperoni I can botch of that lava like the black Alastair what do you like your pizza dropped more true here as your basic that's a good month that's a good domination. Hasty world of the least favorite piece it's Dhabi and the world we think that is. Nice work Steve didn't shake you nailed it. And Shelby's. Phillies took the secret pizza topping Stephen I'm glad you got the answer right in the brain stray rounds Goosen yen. And Shelby topped pizza in a would have taken more than thirty minutes.