Brain Strain

Tuesday, February 28th


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The classic hits 94 point nine WR like smooth on the morning train strained this morning what dairy bar to 8119490. Answer our question correctly it is edited. That 30% of married men husbands hiding this from their alliance he gave you know what that is give us a call you would need. Family fore check it tickets for these Star Wars theme at Madison capitals hockey game. Coming up on March 5 good morning it's WL I sprains strains 30% of married men tend hi this on their wives what's your answer. Parish extra ten bush hope hope hope hope. No good excuse. Hey hey I don't don't know as he hit. It. Didn't business speaking from Experian is. Oh poor shot clock says he earth viewers around our I have is some underage below. God is slow but I can't tell you LX three and strain into a 11949. Classic hits got a four point nine W elect's 281. One not before nine the number to answer this green screen question 3% of between may prevent. Hide this from there from Lansing to assure there for a men's. Tonight is from their wives who what could that be their pain that pain. All that's not a good thing if there's something wrong you know what that's not the answer but that is such a truly answer here for them and you guys don't tighten any Pena and you expect how could tell though when you have the flu or culturally and the. I'll ask you think it's a pain is true they hide that so. They're BMI jealous of their indeed they don't tell their lives at brings an idea of this bullet wound. Aren't they you know all of backpack I'm like man what are we got to know how guys you might be right now. Up Margaret not not the answer but an interesting answer in thinks war and really get your answer really you. WR let's greens drain into a 119490%. Of Mary guys. Like to play this on their wives freezing. I won't. I won't say pornographic material. Hulu Corky. Probably true probably true but I couldn't and numbers in her. Not everything's for dry and with a good answer WR likes green screen it away 11949. 30% of married men hide this from their reliance. Big. That is the correct answer. Correct answer is a speedy ticket they had an otherwise we. Nice what's your name on the I don't know if hiding and speeding ticket losing you forget about it and become against it took. Not that the white finds out about it other. It's not a way to do it where there or the. Find just keeps getting bigger about the you know another I know these things but yeah. Jim Rice can critics I not even asking you Jim for any Evan what's your last name 100.