Brain Strain

Wednesday, February 22nd


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Classic hits got a four point nine WR like smoke in the morning with Terry Barr brace straight question this morning it is the number one. Pick up lined that single use when they're crews in the singles bars. Cannot club and number one line and he used trying to pick up somebody tell us what is we'll send it to the Madison symphony orchestra's tribute to Led Zeppelin. An overture hall on April 1 2081. To 1949. Is our number to answer the green stream question correctly. I would greatly Arabia under current value and direction you go oh look that's a very trying to line all lever that you were substitute your. You do the only attitude I've heard a lot of stories I always go right burglary. Our government will do well suing their buddy I'll try to play a little soon bud yeah. WL let's bring Israelis the number one not picked outline these days we think it is. Lol lol yeah I didn't say yeah I mean I have an eighteen new people hurt I know you got LA and our air so. Finale airs yeah I believe that's out last. The math there seems like it would be a good one but that was that was a nice try to yeah it it would work done me into. And I want the ball they they heard Ryan. A lot of great deal that's great I. How important is that India and that is tiger again and learn more about you and the drip down. Recruit creek creek depth W always great streak what do you think and it lasted 8000 at the senior they both have an icu. It's okay. He had some past and move it adapting to current time you Xena. Very contemporary men in very good nice try but you got it yeah I'm the nomination. W always breeds straight what's your answer to. Call you do I'll utilize. Jay-Z A yummy for Melo he got bit left and that's not have a good drive and Kevin Youkilis to what is your brain draining. Our ally the numbers and here's Betsy. That's it that's the ads the number one crystal light up original I don't use net and one you do in the whole lot Mary well you. And I'm glad you're you're not using the word. I asked did you get be say yes and then we set all cause I don't know yet you know what you hold on camera bag and beauty. Network what was your name mud. I.