Brain Strain

Wednesday, February 22nd


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Classic hits got a four point nine W all expert on the morning with Terry Barr totally eighty's weekend kicks off today with tanner. At three we got in conjunction with already be silent we do and eighties music trivia question. For the brain strain this morning along with all the hits Michael Jackson had on his own in the eighties. Named three songs Michael Jackson was honored that weren't he has three of them toil on one ID 49. You win the Madison symphony orchestra tickets. For the Led Zeppelin tribute. April 1 from WOLXW. Rolex brain strain we are looking for three sons Michael Jackson was not in the eighties other than his own. What you think and I'm. It's. Okay it got really firm Bernard and we are. He's done his research. And strategy. Fire. It rightly gesture and there's a lot of Federer yeah sure yeah. Senators. The world everybody. Knows who readers. Non stop to wonder performing and they got a beating got to be dangerous arms and that sort of bought them by WZLX green street how you do this morning. And I'll think they're variable curly Larry Moeller and that's OK I don't think that'll qualify. Always happy when you call all. You have a good weekend wild man out. I'd rather don't ever change while Minsk with FWW. Allegedly streamed the unanswered George W Rolex dream streamed to your question. Let's get to your question. That there weren't sure who. Went public any and why can't they get tired. We'll keep drives that you're close by now see your close WO Alex green street how are you. Eddie he what do you think this question she sounds positive gym 3-D. Not sure Dave. I didn't reality all right let me go for it three big Michael runs and Michael didn't do but he appeared out and then we what do you think here we go OK so we don't want at all. We are the world I guess just for African theme Paul McCartney eat eat the girl in my girl is it true there's still I know he didn't gas scare Ali didn't women women would really help all we just hard on the article no pressure. He did make it in the last well. Are you married man. Home ice. Nice solid and we all I handing you what that what do we thought was lobes track we do nothing but get Rockwell gray are. Great yeah yeah absolutely. Have a nice going Randy and. I love that I do that all the time. I am going to show you go to the Led Zeppelin tribute with the medicine's into the orchestra are. Tomorrow he's. They are eighty years old school at. They are now you know I see it right.