Brain Strain

Wednesday, February 22nd


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Classic it's not a four point nine WR like smoke on the morning along with Terry Barr we are tracking the eating habits of those millennial this morning to see of the younger generation is eating healthier than the older generations it is said that all 5%. Of blood meals have never eaten this 5% of colonials have never eaten this that most of Jose to Elan of one eye for an idea to WLX prize package the greens strain the stress relief ball also would get three CD is from W elects end the new rule regions summer fashion the W all XT -- all part of the prize package you could win with your correct -- straight answer W -- brain. Strain caused did you catch that. Above ground garden cotton can help Haiti did you go to the circus is we didn't let them know I would minute and a little bit Alice well. Yeah you up what kind of player again I don't know one of our concur with the government don't do you don't know yet. He had a little tight son but John Diddy is a good guess but but not the one hour after the right Osgood here pretty much that it it includes a Rolex race street not. Objects that once he would need Lieberman's liver and boo yeah that's true too and that's the answer we needed to do appreciate your. Yeah that might apply to some other generations to sari. EW Orleans tree street EC a fifths of millennial sister younger generation that never eaten this will be negative spratt and broccoli. A horrible truth to us. Sex dot the answer rural. Healthy you'd be like broccoli fair again let me do my doctor tells me it's one of the best things like any type tribunal at the. I remember for a deal still grow yeah. Hey come get her up. And try Amy Pineiro and Diana. WLX three straight up testimonials of never eaten as I find it hard to believe but. What is. We are. Live here and there good adjustment. Nothing on the ground. You try and that this year's flu gives me CB GB sleep yet W always brain strangely W let's try a package your prize and they say a fifth amoled meals of never eaten less than. But we teach typical call Lindsay needed to easy. No Jerry tells me. Mean the millennial leading a lot of health and I think they're healthier than many other than me generation and yeah I was gonna say that what you asked. Huge thanks for dry up W all these greens are. Very good hearted good morning. Any names curry. Good. Korea and our army medic treats a big match its shares the limited wow that was a solid answer all. Sir yeah I'd find any answers shocking these shows staple in my diet drink yeah. But you can't. I didn't opt in only Jamont Jerry was tell me. She did Johnson violently down idea I did a remote in and Jim are done there. Now hey now I'm like yeah that's our goal every reported its rocket and right now and then it's he had run. I was are going to be in that Gary tells that McDonald's is tomorrow with a big. It's the need beefed up the beat yeah. And it's it's like he had Brandon and they got a little their 12 so the littlest thing of the originally have been. There three he needs three versions. Yeah well this is what a great country yeah. Let me go to burgers every morning I don't know I guess. That's good stuff. And are very fine sponsors all the what what's your name in Germany.