Brain Strain

Wednesday, February 22nd


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Classic hits 94 point nine W alike sprain straight question for this morning secrets from the man in case you for a plot apparently in most guys don't do this for the first time until they're 34 years old what are men's start doing for the first time 1034 years old your prize quite a bundle this morning WLX prize package including three CDs from our library to new WR like summer edition T shirt and the WLX brains screen squeeze ball to relieve stress all yours it's your correct green straight answer call 2811949. Of you know WRX brings trading question waiting for your brains trying to answer that. We actually got it had gone from network and here's something we're invading Harry Robby gets entered or left. Earl grant and we've got to know what I'm a little Cynthia experience what we think did an ulterior. Color your hair oh yes. Lou I think that's kind of close but not quite so I did not first licked my fair don't I cannot confirm or deny the I. Thought I'd always Asia yeah when you wish you your knowledge I know you have a great day yeah. He's a restaurant name again in Wisconsin del sort of retro bar and a narrator being sheriff. Middle and set her body in there got a legitimate it is you do and W let's get more resilience the brain string him in the morning. What do you fixes question not answered I think it I it. I. Socks that's another good yes please let's get some jazz adapt that's not any. OK I think a lot of rain but yeah lets you join a nice day. They thought they see you here on. Studios. You were all the F ring a distant and things like UW. All these greens street thinks early media and answer. I do what do you think I think eastern here here here here at an early as this. And worrying me. Oh they have tools for that he can go buy diesel too little trimming on your nostrils and in your your seat I was trying to asked Jim if he was an example like he would not even allow naps.