Brain Strain

Wednesday, February 15th


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Classic hits study four point nine WO elect's mood on the morning with Terry Barr brain strain question this morning you know you guys I'd. Better on the planet awhile now and nonaligned shocks me anymore except the answered this question that hopefully you will give us sit to wait warned. 1949. Four appearance tickets to the Madison symphony orchestra's performance. Of Led Zeppelin classics it's gonna happen April 1 had the Madison overture center 49%. Of single guys. Yes the bachelors of the world. 49% album only need to look at this four times per year. Welcome Debbie let us know call a sub cleared W Alexa answer the green screen W alike spring strange question. Good word to get divorced. Hot hot hot that it that the for. I beat you laughing at I'm not I'm not a lot of fun and others did you have fun with us and we have Roy yeah. Don't bluntly are you may have a good thing the thing I guess that's why they would be single yeah because they're getting divorced six XWLX. Green street 49% of what happened. Single men and how bad your own fans I'm. Comcast WL it's pretty strange jet set question yes on question right in my quarter commander mullah. If people are looking guy he's that is why can't I. Yeah no I think our guys don't like him had the lowest lines like slides OK but the greens are you alone entity where you are at the smartest. I ever Gerri I Gator guns. I ha yeah like what are you should not have gone to the lifelike I like. I don't have plans on helping. The prayer demands and it is organizing a good day and worked WLX rays street you can't say I want. I'll. Do it that much of last dancer was getting haircuts that got to feel what's your answer. Golden gate corner quality all just for a Z aren't so logical gives Paul a well Jim says that's why don't. I drove the car. I'm Jim says it's logical stuff that and then. Not in their face or try and the brain strain question what is your brain a straight answer this morning can come in their background blue. Macedonian Linley good guess but I did not the one we're looking for but it really did try this morning he had a really good guy who got close saints a lot do you got yourself a seven Tuesday WRX. Ray strays silicon for the answer to help a brother or sister and your ticket. What do you think I think Conan can import. So bathroom kitchen haircut he wore out all good guess is without the ones we've been there. And thanks a lot for guy does that. Arms sort of clean mean might be a close right Jim apparently bachelors or pigs are hot what they're OK they're sort of barely hints mentally around the house take each case roughly half of single guys do this is only four times a year what is the current. Color alone. All year another unique outlook option positive sadly that is a good get cut and only had Mother's Day to local Palestinian yes not a lot of politics a Trent yeah. Green street when he thinks Imus off. Actually. No loan. I didn't call her. And oh yeah all alerts. Snow I don't know if no matter. They say 49%. Roughly half his sports I'm zero they do to people aren't going to be surprised by the same answer turn into an extra strength Tylenol bring. Hot and really be answered yes I think according to a candidate Jim and call your mom know oh. Not calling your mind and I know that became a popular answer now the afternoons and evenings for trying and having a black TL I can't direct you handled by the same brain strain roughly half a single man that's there it's to do this just four times a year forty that. My aunt who had to get together parent your belly. No no home and I'm not able to go again yeah. Tough fee on our hands yeah this is different com this is her who went to catch it a problem yeah. What do you think Darryl we got half of the net cruise due to her items per year. Tomorrow roster but it checks to wind dull my game that's something shouted that's it that's yeah. Want their. Do you view when I I think he winds with that answer right that's it I know I know I I Winnie kind of answer but it yeah I've ever disgusting and it's. Yeah. Oh yeah Hezb IIU single guy we are very lawyer Mayer hot shots who does the bench seats in your home try to do it. I know you don't have four times a year knowledge and then yes. Oh what's your name. Yeah aren't paid dearly with a clean sheets hit it is you'll see the Led Zeppelin not tribute. As performed by the medicines into the orchestra the.