Brain Strain

Wednesday, February 8th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W Ole LX motherboard military bar brings strange question this morning with the correct answer that's good free Stanley detective sore shrine circus tickets four tickets 58% of women say they feel sexy sexy when they're aware in this subject to weigh one. One not before nine you're correct greens really answer in wind. WLX. Brain strain 58% a woman feels exe when you hear this but what is when there are ardent. A corsets that they are. Or laugh at me unexpected. We've got expecting your clock could be weeks we like you were at issue in a payroll. Yeah I think I good your friend Iowa site saying thanks for Brad and our morning up. But every morning peaceful and that's what I mean outlook but it WLX rays street can't say questioning. I'm mango orange apron and eat when he threw my. Don't iso homemaker type people and Lauren paying sexy to me about it. Well for moderates but not not the answers all the good try WLX 58% of women feels sexy. It went anywhere this is what is IP RI CU huh. Oh rule and who investment I have a warm. High heels in years now why don't mean these. My goodness things for a while and I dropped secret. Nobody likes praise during question is 58% of women feel sexy when they Wear this I don't let it. Lipstick he's a great guesses it looks sexy to me not the answer probably not in them who send your front this morning WLX rays trailer so what do you think it on this one. I don't know how neo fight. And younger vote for high heeled enough to answer the critics are trying to hit eight WOMX breeze straight to your question yes. What do you think the injuries. Are or an elaborate. Injury like yeah hey at. The start of corruption but that would leave. My guess and I would bet you think that would be correct professor the one who now that they you know Jim is there are no easy answers I know I'm learning a lot here I. Couldn't let it. It pays for your song oh dear up. W all street straight 50% eleven feels. Sexy and Italy and when they Wear this out perfume on perfumes seem to guess since I would have made if I was not working here and play in this contest. Hot hot hot or deep perfume and Victoria's Secret we've had both those guesses and number ones but. Really thank you for Tryon and you never see and agree Jimmy is taking notes and taking notes learning on and bring. The right Don W Rolex greens straight text your questions weren't. You read it or not our count on you my friend what do you think it is 50% of women. Still sexy when they Wear this early backer during these. You'll know that. He's hit he's easier it's an experience all I don't know if you're gonna hear good news your ladies Wear your football jerseys. You have learned different ball. I don't or. Again I'd better through this. Where it back to New England states are aliens you know good answer you know I'd that would make them feel sexy and audio as if they were wearing Tom Brady's stolen football series. I think it but I'm about a mile yeah expect I don't buy any earlier here. But you are watching for a good deal on that green Jersey ID B eight it. Lot encouraged jam my goodness you're all right Daniel all right a lot of odd and very Smart what's your debut but my balance.