Brain Strain

Tuesday, February 7th


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But got the morning with Terry Barr this morning's brace straight question he's good for extremely four pack of Zora shrine circus tickets 53%. Of men apparently do not know how to do this what are they lacking 53% of men to not gonna do this if you know the answer to always wanted one not before nine for your brain straight answer your W poll LX good luck WLR like bring it straight you can't say question. Yeah hub up at gas gas gas. Not big big big do that pretty well they did a great moment I. It. WL I straight straight 53% men do not know how to do this for couldn't be church here he tumbled. Move it's that's good guess that's what we're looking for a moment rebates to try this morning. WLX. Dreams dream. Well anybody I'm with ya I use. Throwing the shirt and my something's wrong just a matter oh my goodness again and WLX praised regular question you know cricket superstar man. Don't know how to do a lot I don't blackjack. Huge audience and our girl is missing at this the right now and. I don't see either I'm I'm very curious about the incident series died here this. I Palin good try though but you have yourself a great deal PD FW all extreme street can't send. Yes I'm Mikey might get their laundry laundry. Yeah not the one who need it might appreciate your efforts and great W all ex green screen what do you think about I'd ask. Multitasking. We're not going down. Current regular simple content I have to ask her have you witnessed this personally. The equipment can't appear at yeah I mean it's not a year earlier search for but do appreciate you trying to change. I'd praise strain question what is your restrain is about to clean the bathroom to correct quality clean the honeymoon you know the good against. And pretty accurate picture here. But not a lot we needed mandates for drug free WR like spring street 52% of men do not know how to do this. Why is tired I tie a tie is that the correct Dan. It's a rare and. Conventional neckties is something a lot of guys Kitna can you do that. Yet gentle good for you know for you meant it's important you argue all dressed up sharp dressed man legs easy top. What's your name love Brandon all right Brandon way to go Brandon so not not that clip on type of guy in the country. Nobody they get that double Windsor there one row all okay I'm impressed listen to you too yeah. Brando what's your lasting Marion okay now bought tickets cold for a tax they would act for dessert tray into a circus York's. Own problem.