Brain Strain

Monday, February 6th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all expert on the morning with Terry Barr great strain question for this morning let me answer this good for a family tackle for tickets to bizarre shrine circus recent survey asked people which famous celebrity they would love to beat guys said Kim Curtis Sheehan. What famous celebrity did the women pick you know the answer. Give us a call to weigh one. One not before nine WOLX. WR I sprayed strain what's your answer. Right up corn is no good just so I didn't really good that's a really good news thanks for trying to. W all I sprain strains survey recent survey shows fighting guys want a deep Kim Kardashian ladies on the hook up with it critically it is George. Yeah. It's George Clooney. Do you agree I I wouldn't know hot out when I. Didn't I. I love it up up up up you know I made that inspires you does George Clooney is not all not only older than me yes more gray hairs and how hot it's so nice dog collar and I thought he thinks he's a sex or do you have. Think he's insane at the very day he's he's I've heard George Clooney's actually pretty cool guy and so for. What is your name I'm all right Don King did you deal would George Clooney but. You couldn't withstand up to this circus or shrine circus daily forecast for.