Brain Strain

Thursday, February 2nd


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Classic hits study four point nine WO an expert on the morning Terry Barr in your brain straight answer this morning for a pair of passes to the AMC theaters on a good movies coming out. Redeem those at the AMC box office. Answer this question of first it is the most common it is. We're losing our cell phone Holland's. We all do it whereas it let us know to weigh 11949. WOLAXWR. Extreme strain question what is your return answer. Between nick in your car car your guess is our dads that's not correct but we do appreciate her we teach you good guess. Screens screen most popular place we all lose our cell phone you all Donna what do you think it's at work and now Warner are no sooner. Yes worked in cars so far not the answer jostling you need the phone and you can't. It does lead ballooned new sort of thinks your truck and brain strain where we all lose and her cell phones and I think our planet our policy of Gonzales. No we're not the answer when things are run I don't I don't think I I don't I don't currently he is not an easy call yours felt I'd like I can't be. I don't I I can't yeah yeah oh dear yeah EW all extremes straight number one place you lose herself always present. I know it's probably gonna crush restart our start something you just got a grocery. Grocery stores the correct answer winter dinner what's your name the aircraft.