On average, we will do this 21 times today...what could it be?

Tuesday, June 12th


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Welcome to WOX dot com we post the green screens here for your convenience. Casey slept good this morning. Question this morning was on average we all do this only one times today. It's fascinating statistic brought to do this on average. I want anyone times today the average down it's almost once an hour 21 times per day. Little does this here's all played out this morning on the brave straight at 730 with both on the morning from WO Alex. W alleged brains. And glad you called the warranty I need to look good up endured program what do you think on average blog do this to 41 times today. Dancing in catering do you dream in the fall and we're the fiftieth already fulfilled my quote nothing. Yeah. Hit a good guess then why did the we're so glad you got to go ahead with the deal. To stay cool things. I don't know that's three straight and 66 or wanted to cry on aboriginal do this 21 times to the ultimate cold beer oh yeah on a daily. Okay. Until literally nineteen. Let it's we will all do this on average a 21 times it's almost like once an hour. What's your answer to the greens are going to be your honor you all I know that interior would probably does that put one thugs or are. The letter are right you are not as she daylight today gets pack pulled me out there food. These are the army yeah. Good as men have a good day okay you spirit that WLX rays strength all 66 or 100 Fort Riley Kansas this strange strange question in wind. Summer fest tickets on average lull do this 21 times to pull out should let it. Law. All we hope it lasted like ten we'll tell you yeah yeah he's radicalized and shook her fat we wanna push the quota above the master. Yeah yeah. Contacted at 888888 last year though he had the due date is all that's not if you do not volatile Larry Palmer and all anywhere on TA goes wrong keep last good when I'm proud mean president. Did. And I it needs. What do you think got average pulled this 21 times today. Re being seeking food place on the all assure and that's the way you're supposed to eat. I don't know. Yeah again I'm not harm us. Yeah hole. YE OK all due due due due hello when they call me funny when the straw hut. The WLS Marines are innocent its own internal and thank you for college. I. Need. It and I'm stuck on this island. Yeah all wrong I love when people say that yeah blue blues lose Ohio in the thick it. And what are repeat question are all what do you think the average below do this 21 times today. Oh absolutely okay we want times. I would trade media look at her to the cigarette. Break and he had some people probably do home. We aren't edited this. Lot of small. And for trying not to produce you have a good day. All that. You don't. I never do. Fabulous great strain because it's explore wanted to put on the story answer that question will do this load times today and they averaged. Yeah opening carpet door open in 2002 world I think that's we think Terry. It was not it doesn't blindsided answers. Wow you know I never saw that you must throw a letter to order refer the you know you put some fundamental and it's hot. These kids just got it. Not that one that pop up that's hit it yet what are you if you don't tactic it's charity you guys alone and saw. And you have your jolly well they'll put the frigid more than that well gets tickled to hear us. I'm sorry I. Yeah there's a lot of times today what do you think it is a bit checking your phone to. Food is not an answer for the green street math and hobby I think that averages gone way yeah it's more analysts. Food and those that never checked her phone and nobody is someone who would you don't I yeah I talked to him on the right now. O'Neal and Charles are there any we ever pulled this we want to items today. All binary spread curator door and that's again again says that's not going to. All I know all alone soaring cute though for sure I am glad you. Talking with the of the morning here WL it's pretty straight 664 wanted to for a marriage we will all do this 21 times to me yeah. Good morning YouTube are guys that love you all. That's yeah yeah. True but you know our opener of the door and. I'll see you and Jim I think that's that's upon my size is innocent but obviously I don't rule on this one that. It's not. Well. It is that don't. Ever do you still care and and it's not good to hear from WLX greens drain into the eighties and he did it figured out yet what are we all do on average 41 times to. Complaint is it. Want you want to add fuel to haul that's also wants a war he averages of 204 hours of the. It's almost once an colds and really we don't complain is over sleepless leads me to happen. Wow Waller ouch we complained we want times per. Why anybody like that. More attractive when it's. Probably no old. Goddess. Not only to bands and a mapping yeah. He did you play about the prizes we're giving away lately at all what that prices are odd tickets for summer fest or Golan. Yeah hey who's this with the murdered greater.