On average, we will all do this 32 times a year. Do what ?

Tuesday, October 3rd


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all elects the look on the morning world he was. Mainstream question this morning you answered 661 out of or not you answer correctly and when a 25 dollar. Jung's garden center gift tired new survey shows on average Wimbledon this 32 Tompkins proper years in the go on the morning Mickelson here and it's got the call us and win the brain is trading good luck KWO Alex. Good morning that we always braves trade you called CC's 404 not being sent to answer the question. That's everybody's hope left up again and and there are certain of on Jung doesn't. It's I don't know what I. Now that's not you do. I open that would influence your you're answering your yeah it does not. I've only ever. An already good who broke into trying to let them. Zero yeah I'm like as a. And. Greens stray new survey says the average person does this thirty dudes I was pretty arrogant for kids got an on what is. Oh well say it again. So breaks though Lott is that correct green. Yeah so that we're hearing at 32 to I was three year right weren't they get a lot of times you don't get caught so yeah. Her you think that's right 32 times three or could be a lot of things as Corzine. He could be a meeting could you know maybe cheat on your taxes maybe he meant not park correctly is there is a big east peace meeting with a target on a lot of things. It totals up to 32 times a year we do something that the brakes oh okay. You screw him doing you why are you so excited. Think it did. And going to school and the bumper apparently he. Stolen boarding out pretty oh so I'll milestone I. You can be answered got through this time high school yeah. Breaks the lie is that brings ratings and what are you. RE tear you Darden are you again let me have you heard even that would help. You're the last team. And.