On average, we eat this 50 times per year for lunch ?

Tuesday, February 6th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W oh elect stuff for your morning BS the brain strain question every morning at 730. Answered 664. One not before nine this week when a quick trip to 25 dollar gift card when you're correct brain strain answer. This morning's question on average we need this for lunch. Fifty times per year. Hopefully get quick trip. On average we'd does for launch fifty times every year there's your brain strain question from Jim Jerry W Alex. Let's bring strength I would prayer or breakfast or lunch breakfast for lunch I love that it's a do not have no no I'm like that's. What she grade zinc is this morning that question on average are extra launch. Purchaser wants to food Hulu popular but not yet. Thanks for trying and here's the question this morning. I did and I may get around. Brad was sometimes not and Hillary not me. A look. On the average we have this alleged fifty times per year Greg pretty straight answer is not a good thing for all girl we've skipped lunch. Please answer. Again nothing pops up and might not I'm not I'm not at all you're like really. Now that's not a what did you improve upon that apparently you've got it it's you I don't want and you are going to quick trip. I order or whatever it to get their yeah I meant cup coffee in the red hot chocolate cup. Enough pop up and he's older chocolate milk it's happened at punk kids. The response chocolate mouth. Yes record to oh yes you guys I spokespeople. Red hot chocolate not real sure I'll probably see there. I. Brought video and could trip was amazing we love them and we're doing this only 25 dollar gift cards. 300 per screen straight answer. Sounds great.