The average person will spend 11 minutes each morning doing this...what?

Monday, August 13th


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Yeah 94 point nine WO well extreme strain. Which my dog in the morning. It was. I'm since morning for being at this time classic kids 94 point nine you'll Lexington got a couple of days also Jerry Meyer sure you are as sharp as a check. It's the opener question this morning tomorrow morning routine. The average person will spend 11 minutes of their morning. Doing this. There's your question is your prize while this is really nice Terry. Off to Johnny's Italian steak house. Think that your evening routine if you win now. Greg dancer at 66. 194 and finally we go this work try it and do little. What food you socialism I'll still carrying dollar and I like that one Jimmy my talent to food. Six explore what I put us if we like yours and eleven minutes all of your morning average personals and 11 minutes of the morning do in this. There air do when they're here we had the incident kiss this morning. It was that's for. Not uncommon and tearing. I would think not that I don't spend that much done my dear all you lot I assure you notice it couldn't yeah sent more than eleven minutes on your hair actually. AW Rolex race street average person's gonna spent 11 minutes of their morning doing watts. Hi lo wouldn't be my hair either and I got pretty casually at work but I think. Speaking out to close to go to work. Hi I'm correct brings. Something to Wear all edit yeah there. Yes I don't spend that must extract DD's are deeds were good to go so I can't yeah. Also. Nice though you do it you're really wait can we can't tell your radio and green. Yet just envision move them yeah fancy it is right as we're not. That it. Us with a thousand yen and went to Murray the only. The answer don't get yeah Terrell. I'm out. Casual is the easy dress code here on look on the work group who lose the point where my pajamas on the hot hot hot. I would like to do. It sure ain't. And barring Carol Jenkins C Harry candidate nicely done look at this prize you know economies. Johnny's Italian state else.