The average person will consume 29 pounds of these in a year ?

Thursday, July 27th


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Classic hits in 94 point 9 W Alexa gonna morning Jim and teary green stream question this morning you're allowed if you were an eighty's hit Maynor. We do the 80s it every morning and we celebrate the eighties with Guns 'N Roses live at the dean O'Hair is Bradley Center in Milwaukee. November 7. Tickets for that show your price and you answered the greens drain correctly this morning in the world famous brain strain can be answered it 6641. To ninety point nine average person. We'll consume them. 29 pounds of these per year. Nine Collins three year average person will consume the numbers and average. Good remarkably less put on average 49 pounds of these is what the average person. We'll consume there's your brain strain question W. Or sprains strains are you doing this morning. Our codes like dizzy dozen roses. Yeah well I. That's because my anger and in my favorite song and they do as we won't mind. On 09 nieces who worked out very nice and pretty I. It was the correct answer that question average person will consume 29 Collins of these per year. Well right now aren't they eat dirt and like. Potatoes. No I. The rule. Bulls tasty snacks because I'm not not why it is still what do you give one more try yet. There. You're you're. You're hearing humor and humor close on mountain thinks noon iron on. Sorry Bob I recall that I figured well yeah plus W like sprayed strain called 66 forward and Forrester and I am regularly answered the Bosnian. Contenders for civil consume 29 pounds of these per year that's an average should be more fabulously. If you deny. Hello what do you think Adam and is fresh rises. And the mayor and yup it was close but whoo boy I don't know if I can eat that many cheese Kurds I don't think he's an Anchorage truck. And Heidi give that a try what what's your name that our team we shall apply you doing this morning. Yet you like French Fries. I don't see things and thank you yeah. Well more important question now would you like Guns 'N Roses. You well I guess is you're gonna see him back up yeah pac. This one the we kind of freaking out when we found out we got tickets to Guns 'N Roses so look pretty awesome pretty cool paint them and I don't think I knew where I became an indirect earlier this morning Ali I had my aunt and eight oblong and. Show all nice dog dozen roses beam oh Bradley senator Milwaukee viewers on you little ahead bing or he'll. Yeah but it wouldn't want my name is out.