The Average person does this 13 times a day....

Tuesday, November 29th


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94 point nine WLX exactly 730. Brain strain time we will not Fides Scrooge in this building because we are load you up with prizes on the brain strain this morning the jolly good soda. Gift pack. Eighteen cans and your favorite flavors creep orange in Morgan Hammond. Holly jolly good crisp us also tickets for miracle on 34 street and we kick in for dinner. At the Palace Theatre all that is yours from your correct brain strain answer to this questioned the average person does this. Thirteen times. Per day you know what that is give me a call to a one. 1904050. Brain strain question this morning because woke up. The average person does this. Thirteen times. Per day. Our knowledge no you know people aren't hook up and thankfully that is not the answer that could. But thank. Brain strain question what's the answer. Corner comb their hair good just good to know all the thank you for trying this Christmas music show on 94 point nine W alama brain strain question. Average person. Does this thirteen times. Per day. Some people like me probably. More what could it be. Number who are let out she asks. Me what they're era did you laugh a lot. Where modern art that are your meat to her killer notoriety or keep them happy. Better one will make you laugh so Marty you're going to the palace theater in the Dell's miracle on thirty forestry we take it for dinner as well along with the tickets. And jolly good soda remember that. It's Becky get an eighteen technique in your holidays even brighter with jolly good.