On average, it only lasts 4 days

Wednesday, March 14th


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It's time for the book on the morning bringing screened questions or morning BS insert 664. One not to put 9 question this morning they say on average this will last only four days. You're correct braced for an answer we'll get through the American Heart Association. Healthy family diet cookbook good stuff good for you and tasty when that would tour. Correct three straight answer knowledge W O'Lakes. Florida State. For call the ambulance brings strength and number six it's what I wanted to 490 get to question we should do it on average only last bored me is what cheering it's. He'd probably be entitled to its feet feet feet feet. Up four days as a long time. When your team do it's it's certainly again. And not let Greg answer we appreciate your and is more successful or when I'm torn on and on average they say it only lasts for four days. That yeah. I actually do it and that's again. I like. It now Ollie don't you hate dad and I. Well and how would like it's got to help doesn't take long summer days it'd already brown. And you count them on his right it's not legit one and July analyst is not as long. Zigzags what is what is an average over the last report paints. Oh. Yeah millions. If it in the right ballpark there. Or earlier there are two body. He's policies are there any areas there W all sprain strain on average is it'll last reporting is very com and. Crews are all okay. Right well this and that means he's. He. Does look Ali Zardari. When the movie not the British wouldn't take that you would homes have a wonderful day sure W almost breezed through to San averaged only that's reporting this. I didn't know I'll do that and just a Cutler thinks it's equity and pop up or outward. Yeah. There yes. I would disprove. Yeah. I'm trying to get him to make some recipes for all of us. Dry but that has to work out so far. That and I'm going to want them and I understand I think on the site he's never missed an open at. I. I let us know what you think effort that there isn't good. But yeah I think futile and somehow western. The team wants him as did our part by it be like in big. Are being. And he'd see.