Around 5% of people claim they never do this...what?

Friday, June 15th


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They WL Alexis green stream recapped every day here at W Olin lacks dot com the sports question was an interesting study. In human behavior around 5% of people claim they never do business. Aren't studying human behavior and habits. This morning on the brain strain Paul Meyer from Winona he got to write this morning's Greg dancer was washed their car. LaGuardia thank you for. On the value let's Marines during the question this morning. 5% of people claim they never do this we think it's not a whole Coetzer. All all. All all in La Paloma hole has claimed he never fall in homes from any future stinging response could he have. And I probably easier that way. Yeah. F that the viewers on the music. But the extra columns stay cool this weekend possibly how I want to improve brain is strange 5% of people claim they never do this what could it be. Went to church stronger than yeah. Yeah. Can I don't know what Britney yeah I I. Yeah. I'll boy I have. I have no idea on Jolie. Thanks WL a bridge street 5% of people claim he never do this former editor of the drink alcohol yelled it's. Yes Hoon. He's not at all even though you know. It's still below man. Letting her colleague guilty or stay cool to be you'll sprain strains my percent of people clean on the never do this primitive never won their first. Wash the car is the correct answer we did gore never wash their car need to skip over the oh. One I know that's not your case Jim thanks dear yeah. I in fact I'm park next you this morning boy my car is a mass compared to yours is little to address their well Ed I know your very proud of that I'm. Red truck and she she can keep it shifted this do you wash your car and. Lewis'. Leg. By annually. I. Can't really not a CJQ that's about my speed zodiac. That's. I don't audited very bullish mood Carla. And there you go whoa are you talking about mr. Carr won't she surely got an important and I don't do this I'd like god all I know the plays well. Yeah I might die and monthly membership and current. I know now you're good good job to do a fantastic job now I guess I better go to try and.