Although he was one of our smallest Presidents in stature, his face was on one of the largest bills ever printed...who was he /

Monday, February 19th


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It's the look on the morning Jim and Jerry brings strange question or president's statements to a presidential question he was one of the smallest presidents in stature yet. His face was on one of the largest bills ever predict who Ozzie tell us when your ticket. To see SA and ill. Hall of Famer. Colin Quinn then. Good morning happy presidents day WL it's pretty strange 664194. And I don't only knows what he's smaller presidents in stature is Jason's what was on wanted to learn surveillance. Good it mattered certain games we like the need and president Madison James Madison it's for so I had he deals right. And our runner up and didn't donate. I had heard it. Helped deliver whatever you there we're there are prepared. Yes you do sweetheart so yes what are your wherever you're gonna seek Colin Quinn he's the media are are there. He is just dries funny I saw him come in New York City couple years ago he was. Terrific and he's still a man who is this now this yeah it's a James you don't you know James Madison was the correct answer he was only five foot floor. Yeah and you don't you don't bill he was knocked. Blunt but I would never go. He is -- off -- crazy did he was on the fly thought would seek with pretty laid back in the nineteen in itself you. Were present you know bill and Nancy are eager to go big go home to see Arantxa and at five foot four who's on the 5000 dollar I don't have one in my moment I hope you guys to boot caught on I don't is this first area first time mainstream. Arnold and also. Alou got the likes of teamwork going into it here so. All right guys it's still it James Madison five foot four of the 5000 dollar bill who wish we had one thing you. Could. Triple if you come across one of the laundromat guys that worked like five times or regional balance. There were like 25 thousands of you find one on.