Almost 30% of women that do this on a date will find their date more sexy... what is it?

Wednesday, June 20th


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94 point nine W I'll explain strain which my dog in the morning. At 730 and 62. Degrees Jerry look at that question I phone this morning if you can. All right he. He's already you're when you're already last year network the gap that worries me a little when he opens up the evil chuckle Ron this is good info they have senior pockets. Almost 30% of women and do this kind of heat will end up. Finding their dates as more sexy. Good to know he's so you almost sort of percent of women who do this on the. More sexy food. At all about the sex appeal you don't sexy and over I stay a free overnights in a think that's right after the date exactly didn't speaking of sexiness and Hulu. That is theme across interior big prize that you answered this question com. Almost 30% of women that do this on a date we'll end up finding that there needs is more sexy. W Orleans brain strain that nordic. And what do you think to this question 30% of women who do this on a date on them doing they're divas more sexy. Marty. Hurting all. That's simple but I like it that's kind of simple like Kendra can stroke it this is EU I guess on the brain street thinks her call this morning that's not it as an. Let's see if this is cash to duke I'll get 6641949. Women who do this on a date 30% of women. What lineup stealing their deed is more sexy. Good morning we ought. To. No real key are good about. Well it is not. Act act. It you know I can't live and I'm literally written about that I actually here. I'm gonna bet I hear. One we let people order like BP did well. Nanette about it at the Internet. Jack. My goal and I don't. I catch. See food I've heard in little Eminem was a certain color Eminem. Al are. I think anyways that was that was a joke when we were kids but is that true it's true yeah. Green on amazulu red Eminem's sinking as the green and. Look like problem and uploaded it to work without. Hot hot hot hot enough food to eat eat eat eat you don't want me here on the right track. All unique. Snakes are home. Tony Tony Tony home not not seafood. It's the end. Study four point nine W Rolex pour some sugar on me not to be sexy too teary Sox. Yeah. So the answer in the yellow jackets shall Ali it is a couple all the political well it is that time of the year cautious almost. 30% of women that do this on a date. We'll end up doing their kids. As sexy we have an eager to tell us on the line of duty engine to donate your to destiny in your honor with with your answer for a spicy food therein is a sad. Yes. That is the correct brace straight and never have guessed that spicy food until now. Oh Tony was right there a minute ago with. Seafood that spicy foods only biggest some seafood can beastly see this post whom the news specifics in you nailed down. I hug yeah. And that's what's up. She was also talking about Eminem despite I was sick you've heard them. I think I all I could catalog how many signatures of this specific color but that was green and I think disagree Nina. For the green Eminem still exist don't think who could hold. And oh so old. Boy I think there's Eminem's in the machine right now I could call clarified well I do. Both spicy food is apparently able healthier and neural most women 30% anyway cedar do you sexy and it is of the orders for seafood looked. There you go Gray's got and he's off to the red roof in the his brain strain prize this morning also very sexy prize overnight stay at the river of infidelity you'll X and I.