According to a popular on-line dating site, of the two worst things you can do on a first date, one is talk about the weather, what is the other

Wednesday, October 25th


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It's time for the world famous moved on the morning train strained. We dairy bar color they assert 66419. Point nine where tickets. For the eighties vs ninety's. Halloween costume party at the majestic. This Saturday question this morning and online and indeed dean site says the two worst thing you can do all. On the first day one it was just a talk about whether what's the second to worst things you can do on a first date. You don't ever wanna see that person again the biggest second day pick here's what you don't dual Collison when the brain strain W poll LX. Don't realize braves straying away LT you know the answer I want you to win 6641 on it or not and you called seed probably know plus the other. The worst that you didn't want first each one of them was talking about the weather what's the up. You're rarely care has nothing you can do. Food and a scam personal wealth to ask and. Not hot and you were never liked it or you long for her yeah. Up up up. Queens Casanova you hello. Alone until like 66 wanted to and I really want answered this question sought to the worst thing you can do a first dates why does talk about the weather plus the other. Parking lot of his relationship or next. The mix up the money to the heat and so I yeah Andy he's handsome he is at the Johnson and my guess. It's good advice from his ties to honesty that's Jim's doing he's just collecting a nice right early bird might. And I think six or wanted to court I do the worst things you can do a lot of first deeds and what does talk about the weather what's the other. About politics. Delta's only and it's Eliza yeah see that Ben might gasoline and Jim says now. No it and not say you know who I'll tell you always race are you ready. You know here our first date to the worst things you can do what is talk about the weather what's the other. At ER doctor it up our entire matter docket reformers talk to my doctors have stopped they might think that's your living on borrowed time this year. My only went in the might did you have some kind of disease or competitor ever watch it could stockings I do a whole year right around that I'm not that Syria got the idea that's good good guess triple H I hung. W all exude aren't. Who are you ready. I. Some decent first day advice here out to do two things you don't wanna do to the worst thing you can do drastic I wanna talk about the weather. Such an important film grosses something really wild oh do you and is like a tornado on these launchers are. Oh yeah awards the other thing what's that event and then he should air and air carrier until the supporting me. Boom. All you and Anthony wants to ask what I know I was I was at Pete Rose in ninety was it was pretty bad she was asked OK okay. Personal questions I. They don't yes. Eight rose to get those big yeah you know Karl or Larry the. Yeah Pedro and over there is no hope hopeful yeah. We had a I don't take that really don't think it may be hot hot. We're going to put up the while I'm I'm I'm good I'm here for me you know. Already marble floor it's called is good morning don't always raised radiant as an audience and he could speak. Know your job don't talk to John that's a that's a good logical guess that's why did they ask for glad you call that even the money card gym just a job to job on him a fruit. You do what you do for a and I still don't 66 forward and we're not only did it figured out here in the brain strain this. The two worst things to do a lot of first day do you want me to this I can take you want is that talk about the other what's the other. I have an alien being an underdog on the bottom all allow long anything he got an awesome lineup top. I know I predict future. Yes yes and I'm not. Yelled your skin today. To some of the things that's happened to me do it. How are my. Did she leave and go on another date to an easy is it in there didn't like the ambiance of it Grozny it. Well I don't know yeah WR like skateboarding is the brain strain questioned turning into an extra strength animal brains dribble. Yeah. Two hours dangers do our first anyone does talk about the weather for Seattle. You were moving there it is you know horror movie. I would think that would working your favorite is it wanna Connell did you know how easy it is. But apparently you can also backfire in a run on of the theaters screaming yes what are you CBC and again and not by you for not. I know I'm pretty ordinary. It's a nice once I got exactly. Right guy is what's your name yeah well.