92% of single womwn will NOT date a man who does this ?

Monday, March 12th


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Classic jets study four point nine WO Alexi to go on the morning. Green screen question along with Terry Barr insert at 6641 on it or not it's your chance to win the the American Heart Association with. Healthy recipe cookbook question this morning 92% of single women say they would never. Who does this. Interesting information for you single minute. 92% of single women say they would never date a guy who does this there's your brain strain question this morning. Hey good morning as the W all his birdie streak already this morning. Good we're bundling idea are you all right current laws that lowers the degree you can pin and look forward depends on the. Hey at least it's Dan what is all of the little girl up and line Nieves gonna work to. Yeah napping day 92% muscle Ly 92% of single women would not need a million does. Driver three. And freezes the dirt on the bill writing. I don't rival India. Are hot hot hot hot hot and had a boy that's not imminent Jerusalem that is true. Yeah you do leagues regardless this morning Leo I was raised rates six or 100 or 992% of single women that's a lot. Teary volatile Ozzie lunch date a man who does spears or pearl the wall so. Did did did yeah. Nobody had hit them but not I think my numbers on its. Ten. Yeah. And that nobody loses that's why he. It's. Whole rigmarole you know this morning tears they're glad you called us. The right Gillibrand losses sleeps as we get all great signs. Yeah I'm applying the song. I don't run and solid on. They are not gonna get this answer I've succeeded formally put it what do you think I need to present a single woman will not deep domain and that doesn't it's. Stewart are okay actually I'm not cargo in our zone has. Not filled that we've got to learn they're being. Its. Current rules. Wherever I mean yeah. You've seen since when you really need this morning Barbara that they feel like that's part of the question all I don't worry you know. Yeah. Yes they'd. I'm not drunk on line drawn from this job not cited when he did try to Chicago and Odeo let's raise their questions when he goes like this 90%. The single woman so like 92% of single women will not determine who does this prove. As Hawaii. Are the problem get so hot Sox problematic and why the little little little bit of the problem. Thank you help me. WLX breed strange porn problem and we knew if they are yet know we're counting on you couldn't the regular assignment. That can't borrow in the winter while mother apparently losing their parents who. Crashing in the basement they're medium. That's happening more or turn yeah he's kind of like his little. He then I think that's not that that's a good guess on the thinking Bernanke's Ernie you ruled six cents floor one to try to answer this. Digital brigades okay this morning. 90% of win a single a little not date a man does this. Copenhagen to sit. It's. Another good guess on the all time and I don't want them hey there you know us. Slowly what I need is called we let you know the answer these leads me I need to present a single woman will not date and it doesn't slow broad purpose. I'll answer here this morning suddenly yeah. And our picks third out. Saloon no money in his that's probably not a good idea at all and I. Zigzags are what we're trying to do so similar. Even in. You'd ever that we've run with a T it's the think tank top ten. Yeah her intention. And if that's a dance at an attitude and you can say yeah. Yeah beat Sweden they're done with a toothbrush is an external panel all right well I really won't make any grudges that Abdul yeah. Really beautiful oh yeah at the. And I do recommend against that one's. What is your next needs to do an interview. Or do you let other dances the brain is certainly a lot of last sliver that are not abandon other us. Yeah I. Know and it went right. At the all. Did you leave behind Soledad good does that add up that is awful people a little. Off the speakers and. Yeah they are you know everybody is aren't a lot of different ways coming up at the dollar jackets those circles and I. Let me energetic well yeah well yeah absolutely. Different yeah Donald yeah I would say SE yeah. Organized elements were designed. Does tell this is agree Verizon's the American Heart Association. And to help people so did most of it yeah yeah yeah it's really cool he has some good stuff in here.