90 % of people will see THIS during a warm weather vacation...

Monday, July 10th


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I'm pretty world famous book on the morning bringing stream question to look now with Terry Barr asked you knew during a warm weather vacation. 90% of people will see. This. Call us with your brain straight answer 6641949. And win a Jung's gardens senator 25 dollar gift card from W Ole LAX. Good morning WL I strain strain your sixties and when and when I'm 90%. Of the yes I during the warm weather in the teens. Naked lady it's. Unless you know that's that's. Yeah. Tell your choice strains strains exist or 129 the number of college you know already answered this question and when 9% of people see this during the warmup. It whether it's. He's already there. Com. Phones and so it's not good but wow that sounds wonderful. Sounds very yeah drinkable and SS SS. All right straight you call. All 619100. Miles an hour. He answered this question over 90% of people who see this during a war whether the connection. Probably I didn't beetle us. Yeah and gosh I know. How you will not. You could. Happened days protocol bill how they look. I didn't know then that's the argument that they'll look at the far. Falling a national model why do why gas is a good yesterday and might never garnered a sunburn. Tough tough tough tough tough extra yeah. Yeah so are we get so true W only sprains strains six explorer 100 porn on the phone number over 90% of people will see this. During their warm weather vacation what's your restraining you can remember why are heard it's a Hawaii sure I'll lion sir are slower growth yeah. And your. Wow Palin that brains strain this morning where where or when burns. I'll. Excuse me you have one or semi roll crawled up her boys do you really all that's terrific.