89% of don't like the taste of it but will endure it?

Wednesday, November 8th


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On the morning on classic hits 94 point nine WR like human teary with your brain string question this morning answer is 6641. Out of port Ryan answered correctly when a package of delicious Johnson till props qualified it would meet Johnson still. Says Clinton's sausage grill we'll give that away Friday morning when all the entries from the correct answer is this week. Question this morning 89% of us hate the taste of this but will endure it any luck it. Kind of necessary in her Diddy lives he could taste will put a bullet there's your brain strain questioned at WO Alex. Good morning is the W Orleans green screen. And you ready. I didn't know you like the taste of rock so it's in the proxy with all of you better know. All I've heard about it what are. Hoc analysis. Could create. Yes yeah you know endeavors elements don't like to taste this Wheeling dirt anyway wanna we talk to them on the greens during. Job and we're likely to British style I like to be looked at and a students are. Interest against the man takes forgiveness off. 6641 I'm bored I answered this strange strange questions languages 89% of us don't like today's Little League you're in any way you'll know what is it. Luckily a rock little hole holds only one I'd love her I do too. Tighter true pocket sized emphatic yeah. Omar Al. A good holes yes this morning is that it's all right it's not as it's ended oh my goodness let me. Great ironically I'm all year alone at night dietary supplements I. Doctor tells me it's just one of those super foods single mom. Hey I'm 80% of us don't like the taste of it that we entered anyway what is. It's more right for your teeth. And a no honest I didn't do that you'd think throughout OTT. Usual thanks for another healthy yes. That yeah. Good morning don't you always Marines treaty called CC's more 1 morning and you know the answer to 89% of us. I don't like to taste a little injury anyway what is entities so bad. Look at medical protecting gas to paint maybe. Toothpaste ha ha. Men and I don't touch yeah there are some nasty ones. I hung in Australia all the zeros on the other end of this real that would be my guess the next time you I think that's. Not okay. Yeah how content that a lot to ask them not want them restrictor certificate to AT and 99%. Of us don't like to taste and is not willing during a internally we have to. What what is. An Arab group handled Lewis CX yeah. It's yes envelope the glue that is a great answer and obviously the right down the right answer column I would not have even saw Matt to you know they have those. It was insulting he supports going to have to with too many rights rights but what you've got to. So quite old what should make us Michelle ridicule machine at home.