76 people will injure their eyes this year on what ?

Monday, July 31st


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WOO extra material mug on the morning. With our world famous greens drain questions warning answer it. And 6641949. Win tickets to see Guns 'N Roses as they rock the B mohair is Bradley Center in Milwaukee. On November 7. This question this morning it's an Ernie the usual question a painting all his 76 people who injured there he's the this year in this unusual way. 76 people suffer eye injuries this year from from doing this tell us to win the brain strain here at WO Alex. Their data are there aren't oh context you know it was a news are easily some lady of the goes in France I'd like Tony to contact lenses and arrival should. Yeah. Her I'm glad I miss that story yeah us right. Now that one on three things you should not. I'm. A little W sliced bread strange since it's sort of sort out how did that start and on good morning in his earnings is a decent people injure their eyes again this year and unusual injury holding didn't for a waterborne.