75% of people have winessed co-workers doing this at work....hmmm....and it's not good. What is it?

Thursday, December 14th


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Since home for the holidays 94 point nine WLX. Jim and Terry Madonna morning with your. Morning greens strange question you can answer is six explore. One out of porn I answered correctly you'll win the game it got some pride is weird thinking springing this morning when the wind chill. Of three above an attempt trip twelve. John is gardens setter Tony that dollar gift card for your correct answer to the question 75%. Of people have witnessed. They're coworkers. Doing this networks. All busted it. Heard probably it's. Also moving their Christmas card through. Probably there yeah. Good though. They. And I have no quick look at the take your shot for you to vote total population. Speaking salty of all powerful all. Yeah. I'm not interested. I and copy machines first got all fancy and that people were doing that all the time I hold all players and managers to sell Fiat. Lucky and have a number somebody I hate to say this gym but someone that I worked with somewhere else at a different station. Actually put his blood up on there really. Happening is but W always pretty strange since explorer 190 got that are young you're halfway yeah. I mean yes 75% of people have witnessed a coworker. How did this doing this and I would guess simply got caught not Russian men and women in my back yeah Easter is already asked. Yes how soft hands before returning to work. I thought I was gonna be something to do with the refrigerator and food in it but all this is almost worse not want. Our good. Busted for sure handed Jesus if you like we're good food service. A bit and our school. Looking ahead now washing their hands before returning to work Schwab and nearly a little signs that remind you yes they do OM. This is no excuses they're terrific I. Idol. That's the brace straight answer this morning. Rob the yellow. Think you're gonna have a good look at lawn when spring rolls around again it seems like a long ways away right now that if I know he'll look it up it's gotten 96 days until spring. How about that are hard but it brought no hope this visit know what he's. Asserted. His card Merry Christmas to you about the. I'm still all Danks add.