In the 70's, when the moon got big and bright, what 70's song were you listening to ?

Monday, July 24th


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Classic hits 94 point nine double dual extreme and teary we'll go on the morning with our. World famous spring street question this morning seventies flavored brain strain as we have for the super seventies weekend. Starting this afternoon at three in a little early to win. So the from the seventies are you'll love the feel of the seventies. Greece updated this is the Broadway production. Ever Pelosi and her dinner included tell us the answer to this green stream questioned in the seventies. If you saw the moon it. Big and rates. Seven Nissan realist in two callers is 6641949. And win the greens drain. I think it is I would that you can't rightly see here ultimately until all. That's right sign. Good Melissa yeah. And plenty good moves to sort of meaningful content owners doesn't work good themselves. I and that's why you're shortly OK okay did. He didn't do look like a big WL lacks good morning you reach the greens are you hardy. Who put the question this morning we're we're we. Into a seventy question here with a super seventies weekend coming up you like those when there keyword in the 70s he saw the morning. It big and bright for realist at 2010. No that doesn't always had a few dogs in the seventy's yeah pretty strange 6641 on Ford island our final tier tickets for the palace theater greens production. The seven easily solvable and get big enough but realistically. C transistor radio amateur. I don't humanist in terms is draw mate eagle what songs specifically refused to talk about it or. Not. I loved the heads are wrong that are just gosh we did that and swing Bleier. I don't you did very well. WNYC brains strange question this morning as we head for a super Simmons we can as a farmer can. There are they in the senate easily solve the Mullen did big and bright what what song released into. Yeah. It's an online yes. That's. Amy you know who sang it. Z and young saying that soccer. You know a lot of alleging it's got a tough it was a one hit wonder being and I'm curious because I don't know. What are you guys don't like you know you got it Tim most it was a team harvest was the bitchy aren't there in the a nice. I. Not exactly the DGs in the Eagles. If you do this on its. Dollars and fonts on dual player that foreigners. Also what's your name. Went Green Party like Greece and error when you go to the Broadway production at the palace either retreat needed to alert three new dinner too had gone. Agonized and it's not worth like sixty bucks each so this idea better and a hundred. I made our islands we totally enjoy yours are all yeah it's all fantastic we love that you call and be mad it's dying. Every guy. June well. And we.