66% of the world populations has never experienced this? What ?

Thursday, December 7th


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Medicines home for the holidays study four point nine W Alexis well not a morning unitary would be world famous bringing stream question and 7:30 every morning call 6641. I did what kinda answer what do Dunkin' Donuts gift card would be answered correctly this week OK here's the question this morning. 66% of the world's population. On the port to brave souls have never experienced this or not talking and non. Eggnog Christmas cookies or lower than that what are we talking about on the brain strain at W all Alex good morning Tony well. Brace straight you do once. What do you think the answer is. Called let you know what I think anybody essentially cherry ideally you went plea deal. Yeah. On the way yeah pleased that I am I front god look I don't doubt that it. I pushed the bottom. I think it is gay audience unintentionally. Yeah sixty days to 6766. Was an album bottle sometimes you know and never experienced no. Mom are out and they're not from Wisconsin yeah. What's your it.