64%of American households now own one of these...What can it be?

Tuesday, December 12th


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Madison's home for the holidays 94 point nine WO Alexis but not a morning Jim interior we swear. We weren't sneaking around in the middle of the night in homes like the grinch. Probably seems LA this question this morning good answer is 6641. Not before nine. 64% of American homes that we'll check to come. Now I have one of these 64% of American homes now have one of these. What is it to your brain strain correct answer good for a Jung's gardens senator. Five dollar gift card call now and win the W well it looks. Good morning EW Orleans brain strain your first gas. I don't know although I well yeah. I would say on Su. And Casey. Brought. Up if you will six let me let me just repeat the question for Cubans woke up. I. 64% of American households now own one of these tree. Who is a good guess this time when that's really good gas and in nodded and it's only got. Out what's your other guests opening our chart all of those things but on the outside your house yeah I mean that's are those works. It just doesn't work is what your ask any of those works only. I don't know if I called up you like. I am empire one thinks buddy up to find out where you live and drive but I but I'm. He braves straight 64% of households in America and only one of these. Artificial tree when the. London yes those are moving dream come. It's not have a thinks or try as a great. That I snack. W ales brace straight you could answer 6641 hour before and I just 64% of American households now older one of the use. Squad is. In particular. I always go to our total rig deep underground that shot and they're ready green dots on the front of the shot we took a chicken or the Christmas talks. Yeah Christmas I just as an. Oh Wendy Selig the star showers and the last caller I have no idea what the real name is it but I guess I don't. Which its that there are spreading virus McChrystal has. Apple and stay away WR let's bring is Jay let me just say we appreciate you calling us this morning. Resistant form one out of port on 64% of households in America and a hole in one of these like why isn't. There. Are pretty outright like another Christmas kids here. I'm Jim don't you have one of those we do have a timer on the lights like you haven't hooked it up yet I do that's helpful yeah. I tell and I am just sit yeah. Well thank Ghassan. Not gonna use that they've embraced this. Yeah we're not question this morning 64% of its proposals and American home alone when he's in the. Wounding the morning and he adding I believe that's what I'm. When you can't use size as Syria still is yeah very very sure of herself all know. And you heard additional humidity secret. Oh dear I Wear if so what it what is your what. Was there isn't he vulnerable won't depend on how we can dream and apple products. It's added as did my and I now all of an apple TV dot com lie. All analyst at home and with that we should haves done illness with the UN. It's not give that nobody knew how to raise and 64% of American households have some sort of apple blog yeah I guess I'm an adult who. You're calling me on again apple yeah. All right so leery don't know she's like I let him do is look at my you know when I got the answer theory in Vienna and Lyon nice job yesterday. I hope I hope though.