62% of these sold are hardly ever used?

Wednesday, November 15th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W alikes with the logo on the morning green screen question every morning with Jerry bar at 730. Call 6641 ID 49 which are correct answer. When you don't he'll wanna Dunkin' Donuts gift argument awesome prize hall this week question this morning as we head for the dizzy retail season. 62% of these that are sold. Are rarely used to finish your question column to win 62% of these that are sold are rarely goes to policy and aware and good luck from WO Alex. Good morning dealings W bullets in the greens stream audio and an armored car hey Paula 62% of these egg did purchase but it never used. Uproar it would allow extra key is to host he. That's an idea to have Paul yet friends' status. Is that advice from my laugh how it all couldn't whine. W I sprains strains 66 or one out of our mind the number to call with your answer what is your answer to this question seems a 62% of these deeper just puts. Can we didn't lose too. Cart if it was my gas and me what's the antigen what did you tell the incident. Yeah it is an oddity is that did in the end zone hole that is now Madonna you and I were on the same wave length C. It's good guess that's the best guess not the right is the biggest. Yeah. I don't know OK except in the air arguing how this morning. Don't you straight straight is six eggs or wanted to when I'm 62% he purchased and never used. I don't think you don't guitar it just boxes. This is true gift cards and different but it's not busy or not. Darn peculiar. I tell you Wallace drained strain are you ready. Here's the question 62% of these are are purchased but never used. I Bob Dole did in Jerusalem and that's its space shuttle salutes. Plot that never you have got to be kidding me Jim in oh that's and to answer all my guys seized supercenters swimsuits or purge was the Bernard Lee never wore that correct yes how did you know batter was that just a lucky guess. Well I'm I know what did you feel I don't want you to know what are. I couldn't. Seattle love when the brain strain copies real light so yeah. Me. I Don I was rendered to wonder are all pulling yeah I don't quarterly. It all away your eyes stare interiors hates it when I awareness beetle to work yeah its legal hassle no please don't please don't.