60% of drivers have this in their car but don't use it anymore?

Tuesday, October 24th


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You know it's fun to play along with W Alexis greens drain every morning with. On the morning Terry Barton learn stuff and a win tickets for the navy's first is ninety's Halloween costume party at the majestic this Saturday. Question this morning is right along in your car on the way to work we found out something 60%. Of drivers. Still have this in the car. But never use it anymore. What is it 60% of drivers still Evan their car but never really using anymore. That's your brain strain answer at 6641. Night or not we hope you answer correctly you win. Good lord AW always great street we're glad you call you do this morning. Are there but they 60% of drivers still have this in their car but don't use it anymore yeah. Yeah I am honored at yellow mortars and and I'm loud I'm that's I sat in my mind. Is nothing goes wrong McConnell and there's serious light and the dads doesn't come on. And what are. All pretty I don't think I. And I think for Colin. Ideology racer AC 6419 point nine when you know all decent 60% of drivers sadness in the car but don't use it's the CD player. Hello years. You are. Under chair road map a lot wow why. Ryan McNally atlas I love using a man how I really deal. Against god is not it he says on personal. Moral quicker picker and 661 out of 100 Marines strained 60% of drivers appreciate you still have this at that time we don't use. A career of Isaac yeah. My unknown and does Izard grains good morning W always great strain we're glad you called don't just want you to win did you here's the question. I won't 60% of drivers have this of their carbon don't use it swings later cigarette lighter or. Move I knew this question would you lot of good answers and there's an honorable. And I answered but that must not be it because just sitting there like Dennis Dennis had a yeah. He says 66 or when I before 960% of drivers have this in their car but don't use it in the Burgundy. Emergency drill hole that's good I I should raise this question Jersey don't use it anymore in my DN a that he oh yeah. We'll be right. I got lying luxury handy and your players know another just for cigarette. Rule. Would see I like Allen that Jim is shaking his head know who I'm OK let's bring in street succeeds or. Why not part I there you are 6% of drivers at this and their carbon don't use its. Can it back injure the driver should she hit a colonel Chris did you doing anyway. Yeah not too good of a great guest isn't at good lord is is that W alleged raised during we take you for college. Well it's an umbrella. I hung out that's that we are daylight today. And I'm not the right answer to that event I don't analysts say eight year basis it's not what I'm 60%. Adversaries that aren't at all. They're gonna. Like Edna Raines JC six or 100 Florida and season and drivers have this in their car but don't you lose six. What drew you grow and own. I'm going to love that answer not and that's not it is a nonstarter. Wouldn't W alleged brains saying good morning or lady called the C since four point nine point 960% of drivers still. Can't listen their car but no longer use it could have prayer it is just sad to see us. Didn't. Hot still have a cassette deck in your car. I don't panic how you are glad had a many changers hello there how about to head is still out there and yes they are is different with the everything else technology don't even use a CD player Carney and a lot of CDs still them I do. Yeah for music all night well that's why you're listening yeah. Hey. How pop pop pop not what's what's your name my name's Debbie.