52% of women and 18% of men have cried at what event?

Monday, August 6th


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94 point nine WO well extreme strain. We've my dog in the morning it's got. Morning trivia time. Don't you know don't you don't Hulu think full blown away and classic kids study four point nine the Rolex Roger Jerker this morning Terry it's your turn. Busy last. Oh yeah. 52% of women an 18% of myth it's cry while attending this. A full block on the play as if 52% of women 18% of men have cried to pull attending this. Scala but when he sweet corn festival prize pack with your correct brain straight answered 664194. To 94 point nine W allow lacks. Click on the morning and classes canceled and. I think it's graduation time graduation ceremony is the core. Group here. Some of Mary first guests here where yeah. Think you do you cry graduation. I you know what I did actually. It's a big big part lately. As well as a parent I'm sure you're so proud to get them that far up the crowd very very proud. Recall from Dell Marshall now I ace yeah yeah math. When he did go on the good answer right away on this Monday yeah and he's got a lot better. Oh get gag me he was sweet corn lover. I am sweet corn moon or more and raised in a bird. He. All. Goodwill will seal at the sun prairie sweet corn festival. There and watch for Jim he'll have Corning is teach b.'s this pod they'll wanna like butter all over my journal. She took. I'll bring it beyond just got to take a wash critics with yes sir you couple all what a great event city and really especially if you're under my eyes shot to be more corn than ever movement and idle stop you and I and our support for some very bill. So great players in high school on the green street absolutely thank you.