5000 of these were lost on Halloween. What were they?

Friday, November 3rd


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730 classic hits and four point nine W Alexis go on the morning Jim and Terry. I'm pretty world famous original brain strain question and answer at 6641. Out of point nine answer correctly and win a pair tickets. The ultimate Janis Joplin tribute and Anderson's overtures senator coming up on November 12. Question this morning we lost in on early debt be Mick Austin talked this morning 5000 of these were lost. On Halloween is just four days ago five dollars in lost. On Halloween what were the Collison in the green screen had WLX. Good morning as the dual screens dreams a night Ollie Renny yeah. It hasn't yet that's. Yeah it's. Isn't greens it's. Grade steel semi final. I'm going to read it. Well they didn't. Kitty loneliness things Gloria drug though is that when you're I'm just I think it's time. It's not this morning greens. There's testified here it's cool that's what college entrance to do so that's really. Associates. Online had to be some some little ones to very much sixers are united findings of the brain street you're ready energy. Sure am. 5000 lost on Halloween. Flashlights and do against a massive rate gas thought he had been there already diplomat. There credit card it's an okay earlier didn't we on the two. W let's get boring to you for your brain drain from disease and are you ready to go. Sure all right 5000 lost on Halloween when we talk much I don't. Drawing heat ceilings and that's it. That's it and I joined net Billings. Models. That so Smart that's. It's a little painful spark that meaningful yet another 10 my god is great gas right answer apparently an. Yeah it console war and you didn't lose any did you. We attribute that flag office. Okay. Your part of that schedule glory important yeah BR right. Okay OP attorneys is tough listen in world war machine and he's already added taking care of. I don't have a real good down institute. Yeah it certainly does. Look hey you know and.