50% of people could not remember this from high school ?

Friday, May 11th


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Time for the Madonna morning world famous brain strain in this morning's question. In a new survey 50% of people do not remember this from high school but they forgiving that look from high school. 6641 out of 49 for your brain straight answer dancers could for a pair of passes to the Kalahari in Wisconsin Dells to qualify for a weekend overnight stay. Tell Harry W alleged brain strain callus now with your answer. As for answering this morning 50% of people did not remember this from high school. There are ready and her partner penalized companies do you remember yours. So I don't really. In his outlook as it was only a year ago for use a closer. Look at you're your you know I don't like the first number it was a three. Digit. 33 number colonies and the first and that's. With that aren't covered a lot you do. Five iron or or things to share and at this. Blog Dave body that's not my idea of W college brain strain 50% of people cannot remember this from high school. What a lot. To the nation's biggest popular his so far not at all. But you. The classic it's got a four point nine W Alexa green screen question in play through this morning 50% of people. Cannot remember this from high school. My answer would be most of my subjects. All of Asia brain strain answer this morning. All manner I guess as a church that teaches me she forgot the teachers in this that it would not dove farewell on your GPA though either. Classic hits and four point nine W Rolex or eighties when it came from straight ahead on the ABC meets a guy on the morning the brain strain honored to have. RO Le Carre are on the phone this morning -- question 50% of people cannot remember this. From my school are you doing to me. Are you well and in the rain it's a pretty good boarding up 50% of people. And not remember this from high school case of think back 50% of people cannot remember this from high school we. I think it's a column are it is drums on it and a miss this sounded. Okay dot LD iris I remember I always hurts anyway just a radio liar credibility all legal to beautiful song. Let me let me ask you this. Let Don I nearly exercise your memory banks here who did you dance with the yeah. Oh I add it ain't quite right now you're right golf yeah. Yeah did you Miriam did you I didn't I had an aberration but yeah I that's a crack at America and sorority or that he knows that's a good Brown's songs. A Jesse gearan is gonna play a bunch of our prominent send me so all carrying an eagle on. Not I don't now aren't great every quarter broke and needs at all do you change my hand.