5 % of people surveyed said they would like to do this when they retire. What?

Thursday, July 27th


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Classic hits in 94 point nine W or like smoking on the morning. Jim and Jerry with the world famous mainstream question for this morning. Straight correctly it's 6641. ID 49 you'll win tickets to see here band hall of famers Guns 'N Roses. Playing the beam all Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee. November 7 this question this morning 5% of those planning to retire. Wanna do this. When they retire. What's their retirement plan include boot Gillis a colleague and win the brains straight here at W all Alex. More important believe us loan that's very rainy gas did more used W all its greens Jane hello color yeah. Had you planned your retirement yet. Aren't they know and yes. I. AM 5% of people surveyed say they'd like to do this when they finally retire 5% of people this is what their retirement plan would would be. What do you think aunt Mimi yeah yeah. Find like a part time job yeah that's a good guest Terri not quite as to who thinks or try you know they you have a thanks for trying to raise or not your turn 66 or nine point 95% of people surveyed would like to do this when they Tyler reed I got home. Skype. Although although it basically due to home George Bush did dad as he did that for several birthday sudden it is eight loss in the school. Cool you go to Georgia and I try not at all this morning with three straight and 66 point nine point 95% of people surveyed say they like to do this when they finally retire here. Current record. It brought back to school that's my mom did yeah not my I graduated from college when she is 65. Is a righty. And military true. Rob your mama's cool yeah she worked for years and quit if I. Even have a. Never too old to learn that's that's awesome thanks for trying to bring answering this morning. W all screens straight NC 6419495%. Of people surveyed would like to do this. When they finally get to retire but what do you think part of it yes it's. Can't possibly know the Tibetan. These are you one of them you wanna go on and on his his face. Not how demanding an elaborate I think the guy. Actually some a little closer to home AV OF awards in nineteen angle at Italy it may be door Tony you're something. A lot to travel but I don't think outer space counts yeah that's that's 5% of the respondents that visit outer space. It's an interest in it wasn't our pick it out of gas swap. Could get it may be in a Wal-Mart readers not enough form they wanna go to space. Did you didn't. Hear that now there's a thing wrong with being award the Republicans what is sort of your name and here. Pierce didn't do any.