41% of men say they are afraid of this. What is it?

Monday, October 30th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO oh excellent on the morning mainstream question with Terry Barr you can answer. At 6641949. Just in time for Halloween or men afraid of 41% of men admit to. They are totally afraid of this correctly answer the Braves trade a win tickets Bernie being with Janis Joplin at the Madison overtures senator would WOLAX. What your brains. You are first and guess 40% of netted that they are afraid of this program before her. It's my. You phrase what ifs and no I kind of liked them I light up. I thought the law analyst I like to leave a box in your soul to lessen. Free ones to all of my arm like his looking local and that that's the thing that not the answer what a good one W illustrates straight this morning instantly have a senior attorney in Ireland this. This question. Point 1% of men admit the 200 no water. And cruel who. Our government said that it was not mean I kind of liked that answer if you don't you don't need to have a half. Don't sort of present Ahmed admit they air of freedom this just in time for Halloween what do you make some. Fighter is spiders his popular guess of sports. I'll highlight. Pilot that's not the right answer but to the digs for try yes they tune and allow me thinking yeah like I like splitters and you know as an anomaly arm. 40% and that admits they're afraid of this that's our brain strain Halloween flavored green street Louis to Florida gunman because I don't like Clarendon play. Spiders and snakes. Audio Alexis. Classic hits 94 point nine W all lake's greens strained a winner Kathy got away a very good noted 41% of men are afraid of going bald. It's a realistic and understandable fear 41% of men. Are free to cool ball. There's your correct green straight answer this morning from Kathy got away of bearable. All deceit and even with Janis Joplin deal which is center with a WO lakes.