40% of us tend to ignore these aalthough ehey're very important to our prsonal safety...what are they ?

Thursday, March 15th


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Our gay and all safety minded this morning on the brain strain with Jim and teary mug on the morning. Question is for you could answer is 664194. And I would hope you win is we have another one of those American Heart Association the healthy family recipe cookbooks this is great. Only healthy but looks pretty tasty you lost your question this morning. 40% of us totally ignoring these yet they are really important to RCT. While so 40% of us totally ignore these but they are really important to our personal safety. All up it win that cookbook with your correct pretty straight answer. The glory EW Orleans restraint. And the car. Actually. Well that represented people don't go. Hello I'm so mad yeah I drew her own little or you know that's good about the dream is that all the barrels this weekend it's. Yeah. That doesn't happen. Could get. Somebody like screens and he knows more. Answered 40% of listened to choose to ignore these although there are very important to our seats to meet you that there are up. You act is to be more than one. Error news. Wouldn't. Oh yeah. Yeah well there are a lot of people don't know that he's the moment. He has a good answer that was it was mind. Hi Lou Harris that was really I mean it was yeah. Yeah. Don't be and it's a little. It is it tends to be bored and want to see in the course of the year sentence. Good on local. Avery straight question 40% it was just ignored he's even though they're very important to our safety. And. Repeat again it's. Speed safety by tomorrow. And see if you know another diligence. I'm mom. I don't know these are real brains strangely they earned it definitely. Could business sort of give you that ending this movie you hit it it. Answer column know I don't think it didn't have a good. You do pretty restraint doubling you're successful when you when I think you for talking island's secret opinion what do you think 40% of us choose to ignore these and other. Really important to us seems to. Amendment speed limits is approving some hot just in general. And isn't that the truth 40% is probably lining the numbers. Nine hit my opening yes it naturally but they can it's so much 40% of. Okay. And that's what I would against them. Hills is that. Yeah. Am not at straight days in the league deficits and I was WLX brain strain so glad you called do we have you puzzled too. I and it licked the envelope on a strictly. Cardinal you sauces that you value so yeah topple on downstairs. Swollen head fee I'm almost out and here in our building. And I'm gonna answer that he's gonna put that has not improved. Being cute little things for Sharon concession. WS registering 40% of us choose to ignore it easy to know they're important to our safety I'm gonna save direction and Matt sent. Prescription drugs and things I think. I have my cup. Helping my doctors own the deacons team. It was like yeah I don't need digital W Alex brains behind you know. And you are you can seems like the rest of us here and let the Iraq yeah reported Arizona seems to ignore it easy though they're really important to our own safety. Think. Quite. All bulls or the yellow light. Yellow girl boy he. Has way too many times and read it. Yeah I'm guilty of that myself yellow means. Speed up. I thought I'd already gotten vehicle hit a good every bit as soon as it thinks it's not everybody do you have a good day. What do you think what's the answer no 40% of us choose to ignore these although there are very important art seems to. The other hand there may need them. Pretty arrogant. We're gonna say. Severe weather warning. Cool music and dance like hey there's a tornado let's go look outside myself. Whether or does. Great answer. None of them I'm. Not yet don't ignore those like little adults who was retirement. He intends to hold up at the dope dealers braced for another great answered their borders and it was just ignore these older people who are seeking. And it's been dismissive popular guess is he now no no it's not really hand. Any hour now. I would know where IIA boo. That I would have been and people who are actually. It's eighty half the and 8000. Extra. And like I'm. Because I definitely like being in the. Hatred you like you said it's probably much higher than 40%. For speed in essence. Never got. I was a girl whose visas. Necessity and one of these when they console. All of the oil that we hold him or they. Today well here. And try again okay. Up. W let's registry got it figured out how well I cannot turn signal turns signals don't drastic need and it's against my anomalies closet. And I blinked he saying yeah yeah. I don't usually yell and yeah I. Not that he got it back. Oh okay well all of us are really. Nice experience. Don't feel like spring street 40% of does choose to ignore these older very important to our safeties. Every time. You got half of their rights. Yeah they re pro. Home I did. We're dancing around here dairy aisle. And I can't recall and I didn't point there in the news a lot. What Islam didn't. That is neither here I think registered to. It's. Edward foreigners when you retire it's. RE EW always racer in a good thing I need and in the end it actually yeah. You can now yeah a little bit and not close on the last month. What I would exploration. No that's it against him yeah a lot gaffe the old expiration. What you don't know that's kind of a dead heat to act does it could apply to. Can apply to the right answer sort of yeah. I now own army level again. I think you know I can't group yeah. Didn't like yeah happy. Green and should go back and think yeah. Manager and then you know me and I and you prove. Me and what else about it. What what else could. And they can okay. Or something safety lies with the items you're talking about here this morning and consideration but it's. Then he made it would be an eight and home. Or maybe you can't use it because. Two huge huge huge element that only happened okay it's. And I mean I am going to hold up. An odd I think. Copies in the user fee to meet Gadhafi and. Sorrell. Economic. News day here and particularly eye and it's really Smart and her answers were fantastic they really needed or. Think he. With FW always good morning it's the brain strain. That can be well you'll want to under motorcycle helmet and place home ice we're off optimal yeah. Again the numbers rise no higher than. 40% when we appreciate your call eight huge yankees on March from 40% of us tend to ignore an easy and there really important to our CT. Couldn't dream come our way I need to get into. Oh. You know bus clean up the mountain brain manufacturer recalled. Does that count on it and definitely so close it's even closer than single down the neck yeah I didn't read it. Column end product could also be yeah could also be why plus. I don't don't think it something you're used deep into something that you might consume we could could sit there deadline then I. I'm didn't let me. We. Do you think that de and action when I'm I'm right okay. Now. So when you hear them I think a lot of people really do ignore. Food recalls were just too bad but and you've got I got. Yeah did you ask me deal. According wires saying hallelujah denies people. What is your name's Marty the NF based on Brenda. And you know I'm not totally my breath anymore yeah. I you know I actually gets. It. My daughter would bring him didn't he didn't spend time. When they are much better when what I'm your blog. At all and another bat good line yeah. Yeah now might ask that you can go off in a whole different direction ear plugs safety glasses you have it. That construction hard happenings out my gosh now you got a pretty nice guy right one pound man. Doesn't it does salt like in the last. That's you know once it goes on the news. Or hamburger patties and spinach and all kinds of food recalls of food recall is the correct three straight answer for a question I think. And then.