40 % of us do this around home but only when nobody else is at home ?

Friday, July 21st


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO Alexis dawn the morning with Terry Barr tied for the world famous green screen questions. Like it is here every morning at 7:30 this morning is questioned. 40% of us admit to doing this around home box only food and no one else is around. When are we doing. CC is 41949. He'll win tickets to the palace theater for the Broadway production of grease. Plus dinner with your correct brain straight answer a W Olin lacks. Now being better than it. It's. I can't take. Cranking up our own damn thing. Hey we hope that goes out loves every morning. Is bad good morning in the W all of us Marines during the sixties where 100 deliveries to. There you have 40% listen I don't know I meet next doing this problem but only. When no one else. Around naked running around you and I thank you yeah well don't let anybody handling this gets played most of the different. I can't go all the answers with the Internet with the greens strange since it's all done tonight 40% of. They've been doing a whole lot you're in all of us on yeah. A lot of sealed secrets are gonna its London. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I'll. Bring you don't feel like crazy 40% of the need to do is brought home but only. When no one else is alone what do you think. A hundred. I'm currently in her my hands are. Not one but I'm OK you always viewed the. And mood in the news. A good kid figured out of the eternal bond. Oh knows that you're gonna. Obviously it's a funny answer played yeah it plants in 664134. Minus you know what 40% of doing around home at all. Only. When nobody else is around. No you don't. Own books and movies can ignore all the at all our. C footprint that we would love to him against this morning to 40% of business and Iran homeless when Owens olds is around. All I'm I want might get hit because they have a whole family grant had to do it and they let your hand something manager a couple of Howell. And the middle like they do not do dads are up yellow little railing against the yeah get a bit. You asked them and they think you're not even looking right right right. Let her eat at how many grandkids are we talking about and I can't sit on the Henry Abbot and all and how that's a lot of dirty hands. And the Curtis Turner. They are trying to don't usually funny thing you know Hillary by a little while mob of kids yeah. And our North American adorable but definitely doorway. I can. I. Yeah and it really did get. And then Marty you've reached your friendly W on the street street operators is 66419940%. Of us admit. We do this around home and only when nobody's there are loans what is it. All our monitor and follow cricket no no car and that's the correct answer I'll lie. Stop. It is not picking their Dulles as tough or running around naked. He's drinking the Malcolm right out of the local. Do you do best. Column to do you have a tough task well. Well they at least 40% of us didn't exactly exactly so why not he's you know the answer is not as scandalous as I was hoping for actually yeah. Diva answers Saturday night Bob no it wouldn't put here this hot and her answer. Well broader aren't here underwater well and we did one better than that. He sat naked Sidney can well running around naked. Independent and you guys of the bacteria haven even get there today is due to privacy and younger than her own homes and is alone a suspect. And what's your name in and out of their minority. Tolerated you've got the tickets for Greece at the palace theater. Did release a good all the way through August 20 phone call.