39% of Americans don't have one of these in their home...

Thursday, July 13th


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It's time for the classic hits 94 point nine WO Lex world famous brain strain question every weekday at 730 with my god the morning and Terry Barr. Question this morning shocking 39% of Americans do not handle one of these in their house. The answer is unbelievable. Tell us what it is 39% of Americans don't want him one of these in their home. 6641949. For your brain strain answering your chance to end. Gordon Lightfoot concert tickets he plays the capitol theater at the overture center on September 16 from W Olin lacks. W always breeds during or 1949 couldn't have done followed 30% of Americans. I don't. Want. This up well yes I was even thinking about one of those no radios for the one of the record and isn't it. Some pumped his right on these days so yeah it does illegitimate. Okay you are wrong that's out there and now thanks all you know W or like six explorer one and went unanswered brains during Clinton is horny 39% Americans don't have one reason their helps children don't children are. No room for an answer when. Oh and answer but not. Quite an honorable man and a W all it's great street execs war when I before 930%. Of Americans don't have one of these in their policy of so we're asking you this morning on the brain strain on my home phone like you have this. Cancer in this deal the Smartphone that's a good answer but by not hitting it takes. And he gets for your trust it more double your life's pretty straight he seeks this morning in the Middle East. We're glad you're sixty or wanted to put on the number you just clubs you probably know the answer to it. What percent of Americans don't have in their homes that walker owner of the green did come shattered all the answers today and in many of them I don't know why. You don't want I'm Barack Obama I'm sorry let the kids that wash the dishes for you. Our own. I don't know what what a lot of people who. Stack Jack exits are here to go to work on this story at the. Yeah I hate you don't even see her bias on. 664100. Or 930%. Of Americans don't even have this in their homes that's on every street question what do you think. Prayer leader who that's a scary thought. Now I am not agree here it's everything I don't have one of and a big reminder and the answer but rather reminds what I should of got you for your birthday exit. Parred around made me look 66 or one not before 939% of Americans don't have one leads in their hulls. Lowering water meter or not mirrors to correct my gosh I'm not suddenly you're 30% of Americans don't have a merely. To ask. I don't where it needs and got away airline in the know you begin again how many here she is pioneering in in some mornings I looked key in the mere 3 o'clock I was struck that. Didn't have a mere. All Meyer you've got a man back oh yea you go to you usually see Gordon Lightfoot straight program earlier period do we know I realize I thought I. Yeah you're going out of bullets. Yeah sure to let it. All I. You be careful yeah yeah I have a great time until one I love it we're in life with a classic. Classy Italian singer and wreck of the Edmund FitzGerald sudden dollar what's the language I'm a hole if you could read my money on you know beautiful that's all my songs. You're mauling more Paul Meyer Arenas drained winner what.