37 % of people do this every single day...What is it ?

Tuesday, March 6th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elect smoke on the morning Jim teary with your greens drain questions. Your morning BS. Every morning it's 730 each answer it's 66419. Point nine answer correctly. Whip Eric tickets to see Laurence if you love the hair bands of the eighty's and ninety's gonna love the show. March 30 it's warranted at the crystal gray and there was kansans hills. Question this morning 37% of those little under half. Do this every day of our lives. Brain strain questioned 37% of us do this. Every day of our lives call 6641. Not a porn I'm looking forward to your brain strain answer. Tired of that equation a little bit by doing 30% of every city the lovers and. I don't I blew all of life is good again. And we that they know. I'm so glad you're doing what I do. Yeah. Aren't we got involved. Her back in the contest range captain Daniel like eight braves trade and 37% of us. Do this every single day in little under half of us do it every day. Football what were anyone but normally I win we'll know. Oh there's there's no button at the snow is my home ladies agree discs I love and anybody who really glad you cons. 6641 out of four I'm 37% let's do this every single day. It's incredible boom. Nice I and number is probably higher than. It's. Real people can't get there again blamed for driving. A group Dodi almost every street success or wanted to Bernard 37% of people do this every single day. Potent power and to show them. And all the extra dry and. W always sprain strains exist or wanted to cornered the number to call you have he answer a question 37% of people do this every single teeth. That you live in Hong well that would be Nyad known anyone else you need to hear it and they. Doing much for that when that. That's popular police think that would be at that but that's not entangled in these key you'll strains of seasonal and I'm 37% of people do business. Every day. Or an apple and a bad bet that made their bed make the that is the Rick great to talk yeah. Yeah I. Hundreds of people that I I I'm with you I don't do it either food and in my bag garden. And all. This is a funny way yeah. All have a friend and I never ever makes his daddy Saddam's two minutes ago to hear that Clinton. So yeah. That's object error that could. You. I want those I actually do make mine sear I think Sabrina yeah where I wake up at 3 in the morning as I am I'm a freak. Yeah no kidding right yields at a late eighty's and ninety's here billions. What a group owner you go to C warrant certificates are. I can. Ready to bang your head it's like yeah I'm current and I did not lead because we're going to be there we get IG and hang our heads with you won't actually hey why didn't you and me out today acts who be in as. On Wednesday's. Can't be good and it.