35 % of drivers admit to having done this while driving ?

Monday, August 14th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W alikes are brain strain questions this morning world famous for in stream. Call 6641949. When you get the answer. When tickets for garrison Keeler and Brees Stephens field. Coming up September 2. 35%. Of drivers admit to having done this while driving. Collison when the brain straight and good luck Abdullah audio lacks good morning 6641949. To answer the question you're ready here. A bloody 35% of drivers admit to having done this a while driving while behind the wheel. What do you think. Jay you're Aurora he got to be more specific they sure. Whom Knoll almost. Almost yeah cool WLX rays straight 6641949. You ready. That's how hot top 35% of drivers admit to having done this while driving what do you think probably my best guess zero. I'm not hot WLX brain strain of 35% of drivers. Having done this while driving call 66 419 point nine funeral right thing and what you say. Written word hope you can. And all of I'm paying you did you send somebody's gonna call and I think that yeah our I have been happy. And not the drug did well. He thinks really call we were expecting I. Yeah yeah unit and. 6641949. Answer this morning's brain strain 35% of drivers admit. Having done this while driving junior go more to sit and some. Jindal. No and it. The WL I sprain strain question can be answered a 6641 hour before nine so go ahead 35% of drivers admit having done this book while driving. They're good news is that they go to them off. Holmes that's the. Answer that should change your socks your. Ha nice Gordon look hot. Apple always. Yeah you wouldn't let you yeah. Half a bullish do you drive bear still. God he's already is technically illegal I think I heard that wants it secondly illegal to drive very little you waited out the window at all you avenue we checked out as I thought once it was illegal to drive barefoot while I look. It up right now. How and you Alomar site all. I know how volatile it can. Would die and good jazzman 935% of drivers admit to having taken their socks off for change there socks on driving so nice thought that you. Nursing dealer comes to medicine September 2 breeze Terrence you're gone what is your name there are.