33% of mourners have actually done this at a funeral..what ?

Monday, March 19th


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My god the morning's military's treating your brain daily at 7:30 in the morning with a brain strain belt and you can't handle this week give 125 dollar. Gift card from quick trip which you're correct green straining answer this morning's question goal is. 33%. This this is an odd question he's 33% of mourners. Have done this at funerals. He was your answer when he quick trip gift card with 45 dollars call 6641949. With your correct green straight answer we'll wish you good blocked. Don't feel strange strange 33% and mortars and they'll listen to fuel. And in. And country or go through audio and no sooner but did you try to. Little. Hollow WOLX. Brain straight sixty solar limited and I'm thirty bridge 3% of mourners have done this. We're a protest. He's no where yeah you're there. Home. We know. No no nothing subtle chip on WOX green screen 66 or 19433%. Of mourners and Dennis and you. OK I think I'm guessing it I don't get it there. By itself it is yeah yeah. I could not close. Let me not to against the yeah you see I'll take. All. Oh my god how easy it sounds weird you guys it's really weird but yeah I guess is better than taking a picture of them of the body heat. Yesterday. I don't you try and.