31% more of these are sold over Christmas time over any other time of the year...What are they?

Wednesday, December 13th


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Madison's home for the holidays and 94 point nine W all explode on the morning Jim and Terry posing the brain strain question this morning you get answered it 664. 194 and I was all this holiday music. He holly shopping question to its credit nice day don't you think. 31% more of these are sold at Christmas time. And any other time of the year went to a retail stats for the brain strange topic this morning pretty 1% more are these are sold. At Christmas time then any other time of the year. Good morning happy holidays and W legs are you doing what I'm doing a lot. I yes all 31%. Or more of these sold at Christmas time than any other time and irreparably junior Ben OK ginger cookies for you may. Yeah. Are brewed at oh. I hope that your biggest lottery here in the hot man and not not in the biggest. There are gone up 1 morning or good for you too yeah. WR legs and brains strains is a sore one hour before I'm 31% more of these sold at Christmas time than the rest of the year and he. Must update. The numbers probably I'm a 198. At. Merry Christmas in doing that yet I think that's probably much higher. 6641 point nine incident rates 331% more of these old Christmas time the Indians are you. These cards to guests Cessna. Being cool when I was that's got to be and it operates stepping up. Well. I think you'll W illustrates our ACC store when a record high and 30% more of these sold at Christmas the Indians coming here. A restaurant yeah. I want you in the good guesses on this question marks down from them right and Democratic. Party and nice try error there I was. Thank you. Tell Dylan's brain strain has stumped here 664120. Innings in his own colonel words. 31%. More of these sold at Christmas time than any other town near as everyone stumped so far what do you think. It's always would be all the ideological dance yes what I was not live to. And. This is certain supplements or why. And all agree. And it did you get 30% more of these shoulder at Christmas time than any other time here. I technically able angling diamond ring they don't diamond stud isn't he keeps CAD island greens are. Romantic time failure of my Yahoo! com and others raised an answer for this morning while I. Diamonds and thought I would bet you hope maybe did you want for her and I got my new people. Would be pretty cool so cool can get. Diamond ring and being with kids at the community asset and okay are you taking note says Ohio. A. And they Hubert cleared up they're getting nervous again with the despite this budget while that you guys can top problem yup and let's get a JD port HR and.