30 % of us like to do this at home, 65 % of like to do it somewhere else and 5 % of us don't like to do it at all ?

Monday, August 14th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WLX time for the world famous book on the morning greens strange question with Terry Barr. When he sun prairie corn fast prize pack. To corn to notes. In addition button. Carnival ride tickets in more and answer this question at 664194930%. Of people like to do this at home. 65%. Like to do it somewhere away from home and 5% of people don't like to do it all all college tell us your brain straight answered 6641. Out of four and I didn't win the WOMX. Brings strange question. I eat lunch someplace else. Nadia go to drug to address. And it pretty eager to eat breakfast some breakfast lunch we just need to dinner guests. My guy not have a great guests on the greatest thing you do lunch partner right here. Somewhere else only elite media don't like a public restroom new. I'm the top recruits. Yeah stranger things being done in cars in a lot of strange things done to. Let that little boy on our blog Belichick checkbooks oral. That is a home like navy from a financial experts are hot hot and how would be nights we'll see here's. I. Thorough working out working all asset of go into the gym do your basement. I'm pumped up it didn't ask me this is not the one researcher Barbara Goodwin brings street or work somewhere else. I. Like to work on your home or go work for somebody else. Other daughter grace hey attempt to thank you pleasure again so still wanna know yeah. On the east that's a great guest theory that's an audience that's a great. The best of the day on assets that reality all they're going to not planning to fuel one that's admirable I'm telling you all rice praised. Sixers are hard to put on good morning. Bernard pay you 30% of us do as a whole 65%. Doing someplace else he's here I presented was only doing at all. Yeah. This could and it. 6641 out of court I didn't call the green screen and newness on her. They're the settlements. Myself 0% on the. We haven't that would be. At the thought that that kept. Open at all offensive no. I'm gonna do is praised her ACC's well when I did one idea that part down there are darn good day. So let's do this at home 65% of the student someplace else. 5% but still won't do it at all if you think I do a little while up agreement early only I guess you know I don't want. Our wash your car is the correct yes. Yeah yeah yeah. Not bad for a lot of gas well slow when the wild guess is the correct guess you gotta love it all didn't know her I. Heat that's what is your name. Our leader really.