30 % of people in our country now have TWO of these instead of just one ?

Thursday, August 24th


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Classic hits mainly four point nine W or Lex every morning at 730 ST world famous. Nadal in the morning green screen. Worldwide as we like a big audience for your fantastic answers we get every morning at 6641949. Question this morning. 30% of Americans now have two of these. Instead of just one. To a settle on. 6641 out of four and I wouldn't wrist bands for the mayor deal fast and free Steven sealed in Madison this weekend W Olin lacks the arteries in. WL it's pretty straight seasons or 10930%. Of people in our country now has. Visas and just want. I believe that we might be a cult it's. It's just another good guess vehicles is a good does not itself are here you have a good day I'm glad you called a WL it's praise strain called succeeds or wanna nine point nine when you think you know 30% of people in our country now have two nieces and it's just I just want. We fridge repeat it's it's it is kind of stuck up for the Packers season tickets in cold ones in there. Well I know what it also water. Don't deal Alexa brain strain good morning aria good hearted or your run dual legitimate question I didn't hear what what's your answer to that 30% of people in our country. Don't have to these animal out of our also poses two houses and want good grades strangeness of sore though none. Have a great day to join. The W all X rays say good morning to you. When you have Booth will be Judy bell ball. To a cell phone us not Paul Weber but as usual formula good. Okay thanks buddy have a good day enjoyed eclipse WL I sprains strains exist for one night before mind question this morning 30% of people in our country now have to at least still want more. That's who liked to Keith gets to dogs. Noon good yes Judy nice try not it's all good morning it's WX three strains six explore why not report on the number you just call if you really make a difference. I am I missed one apartment at one before the refrigerator. Are not true which is sad but I am gonna stay. Job jobs. Isn't correct answer can actually use. Email. 10 where apparent 30% of people in our country now have two jobs and students and want. Can you just kind of become the norm unfortunately didn't prepared right are you doing value of the two jobs plan I would Nat pool and I. Kathryn yeah that thinking actually it may be left where you actually look at the all star right away you wanna send you off to the man deal festivals released some good. Could it out a way for me what's your name containing sorry Denise didn't need to leave your last name to Smith PM ENTHE right.