25 % of Americans will lie about actually using this product ?

Thursday, July 20th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO next time for another look on the morning world famous brings strange question along with Terry Barr this morning. Question this morning good Freddy did it seem to Greece Broadway production and the palace theater and dinner in Wisconsin Dells. Answer this brain strain is 664194. And iron 25% of Americans. Who I thought actually using this product. 25% of Americans lie a lot of really using this product what does that product called the brain strain and win a WO elect. And ordering the whole all comes during the hole and he will let alone with yeah yeah right yeah. They are doing rulings greens drain that's the color 66419495%. Of people lying about actually using this product. What is the product we're looking. I'm going to be Arnold block what was your hands. Others fear. I had a good lie any dollar. Hot. A good answer not on com had a real good answer for the registry and I. Hate you here move. Rogaine. Throw it. All hot water color your hair grows up. Yeah half and I couldn't I. Are you suspicious that someone may be using that you that you know you can noted noting how well I. It's it's a great guests though Mary on yeah it will appreciate all you do you how did it. And dental floss laws. The correct answer. For this brain strain question she wants tickets to see grease the new Broadway production and the palace theater in Wisconsin Dells dinner included. Brain strain every weekday morning 730 with my god in the morning.